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I'm Michael "KThxBaiNao" deVenecia, the Community Manager for Global MapleStory at Nexon America.

About me:

  • I grew up in Seoul, South Korea.
  • I started playing MapleStory in a PC Cafe around 2003 after losing a lot in Starcraft.
  • I main a Hayato, and Night Lord
  • I'm a huge ESports fanatic, and amateur shoutcaster
  • I stream occasionally
  • I've been having too much fun with the HTML on the new forums
  • I actually really really love my job, and I'm super fortunate to be here

What my job entails:

  • Social Media Management
  • Forum Mediation and Management
  • Content Curation for Social Media
  • Delivering feedback regarding content, bugs, server issues, etc. from the community to Nexon's MapleStory Team
  • Delivering communication regarding your feedback, reports, etc. from Nexon to you guys
  • Maple Minutes - A community focused Youtube series that showcases community events, achievements, and fan creations (We've already started filming again!)
  • Lots of other stuff
tl;dr: I handle social media, forums, and make sure you (the players) have a voice, as well as acting as the primary voice for the MapleStory Team
ImNotaDuckSavageAceVerusAstrumHyonaKeepComingBackPonPonAaronHuskychaoscauserAggraphineLilyflowerand 3 others.


  • DaxterbeerDaxterbeer
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    I'm Daxterbeer,

    I lost my volunteer work when MLC was disbanded T_T
  • ImNotaDuckImNotaDuck
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    Yo I'm from Europe MapleStory

  • MikanBoxMikanBox
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    I'm Mikanbox,
    Electrical Engineer and not a very good programmer.

    I Like:
    Cats and Machines


    Sometimes I Upload videos (youtube imbed test!)

  • NiightseekerNiightseeker
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    I'm Niight (or Seeker, or Zorovar, or whatever the nubs you want to call me), and I'm a gigantic nerd who's been playing MS for around 8 years on and off.
    I like drawing, music, math, science, and writing.
    And also I hate writing.
  • ToymakerToymaker
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    Hello. I go by Corin. While it's not my official name or anything, I would vastly prefer being called that.
    I'm currently pursuing independent art studies while playing a bit of Maplestory here and there.

    I dream of moving to Europe one day and make a living as a web-comic/freelance artist. :p
  • VerusAstrumVerusAstrum
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    Hi everyone! I'm Astrum, an independant game developer from Canada. I've been playing Maplestory since it was a new game. I play as a Dark Knight in Windia and a Dawn Warrior in Reboot.
  • YuniorYunior
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    I'm Yunior, started playing back a little after beta. Was my first ever online game and It stuck with me all through the years because of it cuteness and fantasy. I'm now 22 and although I don't have as much time or imagination as before I still love this game and it's sad that Khroa is so dead. I remember hunting crocs back in the day and just obsessed with the game to the point where I actually had a vivid dream of killing crocs in kerning city xD
  • BifronsBifrons
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    Greetings. I've got many names, and I may reveal some of them in the future. For the moment, Henesys Hooligan will do. Or Bifrons.

    I'm European, an avid reader of books, comics (american, franco-belgian and japanese alike), and palms (okay, that's a downright lie, but all good things come in threes).
    I play video games, tabletop games and card games (see?)
    And... I got a thing about villains.

    I don't usually roleplay in video games, but in this case I thought I'd explore how an inherently evil character would handle the situations one come into as a member of the maple society. So if you see some weirdo in Kerning City, shouting at the top of his lungs "Well, Shumi. If you're willing to pay this much for a bleeping coin, it must be worth a fortune! I think I'll keep it. Ha!" and then running away without turning in the quest? I might be that guy.

    Consider yourselves warned :p
  • bumbertyrbumbertyr
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    They names Bumbertyr or josh whichever you prefer

    Currently working as a six flags employee

    Beta player

    been living in CA since like, forever.
    i enjoy streaming as well as hosting my own youtube channel

    I was actually introduced to the game by my cousin.

    i play literally every single nexon game with the exception of atlantica, so if you play the other games you'll definitely see me around.

    other hobbies include working out, paintball, and scareacting.

  • MaryseMaryse
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    I'm Maryse.
    I live in Canada.
    I'm bilingual.
    I just finished a 2 year course in college to become a Pharmacy Technician.
    I like giraffes.
    I have 2 tattoos.
    I haven't played MapleStory in over 6 months but have been playing since 2008 and was actively since 2010 (until I started college in 2014).
    Battle Mage is the best class, no contest.
  • OkhuraOkhura
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    I'm Sammy aka Okhura.
    Originally from EMS, still technically forum mod over on them forums, but wanted to join our soon to be new ones!

    I play Demon Avenger and I sometimes make fun bossing videos.
    I am also terrible at introductions.

    Also yey for new forum name but RIP 14k post count :(
  • GimoGimo
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    Howdy! I'm Gimo, a 15 year old IB student who enjoys Gaming.

    About Me

    • I main a Shade, Dark Knight, and Fire/Poison Mage
    • I love Pizza. And Chicken. And anything Sweet
    • I'm an RPG nut. I love me some Dragon Quest IX ,Golden Sun, and Bravely Default >.>
    • I'm literally a walking wiki
    ...There isn't much else to say...
  • SpectralRyderSpectralRyder
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    i'm SpectralRyder, formerly known as HealerGoku.

    i live in Oregon, U.S.A. (the closest proximity i'm comfortable sharing)

    i am an avid gamer and currently learning game design, i see no better education in this field than playing as many games of varying quality.

    for the personal part, i am mostly a shut-in (due to my Aspergers), and i have actually been successful in getting outside, i'm not too bothered by large groups of people. i raise rabbits and other assorted animals, i enjoy drawing and even sketching, i also enjoy cooking (and no, i'm not talking about my mabinogi life).

    i mainly play my Xenon in the reboot server although i do enjoy Evan, Shade, Luminous, Night Walker, Marksman, and even Dark Knight.

    such introduction
    much awkward
  • TimeKarmaTimeKarma
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    I'm TimeKarma (Used to be known as JoeDaBM from Windia)
    I live in the U.S.
    Bilingual (English and Thai, somewhat Laotian)
    Started Maplestory after the official launch for global.
    I mained Battle Mage since released (still maining them till the end of time!).
    I adore my in-game pet Kino.
    I also like to role play in my own mind.

    I adore him too
  • KingDragonKingDragon
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    Iam... Who am I?

    -currently a NEET with no identity
    -I main a (currently) LV216 Dark Knight
    -My play time reachs 1000hrs (maybe?)
  • SavageAceSavageAce
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    Administrator, Nexon
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    Hi everybody!

    My name is Dennis Bernardo and I'm your Production Manager for MapleStory.

    I love video games.
    I've been working in the video game industry for the past 12 years.
    I also volunteer to help raise money for Children's Hospitals by participating in a gaming marathon.
    I main a Xexon on Renegades.
    I don't stream occasionally.

    What my job entails:
    Managing the production of MapleStory.
    Producing the management of MapleStory.
    MapleStorying the manager of producing.
    Mapling all day everyday.
  • KThxBaiNaoKThxBaiNao
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    SavageAce said:

    Hi everybody!

    @SavageAce Hi Dennis F3

  • ZomgNitZomgNit
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    I'm a potato, born and raised in the potato fields of Ireland.
  • DetrivanceDetrivance
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    Hi, I'm Detrivance.

    About me:
    • I'm a student in my Jr year of college.
    • Computer Systems Major
    • Mostly found within the Twitch Maplestory community as a trusted mod to some of the more known streamers.
    • I've played maple since V. 0.38
    • The classes I play:
      • Bera: Emotion (210, Shade)
      • Reboot: Mentor (Still leveling, Shadower)
    • I commission different kinds of graphics for either twitch or Youtube in my free time. Some Examples
    • If you're interested in some graphic work you can find more information about it on my Twitch
    Other Games I Play:
    • Cities: Skylines
    • XCOM 2
    • Shell Shock Live
    • Rocket League (Rarely)

  • BIackbeanBIackbean
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    Hi I am Eric !

    I upload a daily "This day in history, and Happy National (Day + Food) on basilmarket stories !

    I'm from NYC and I am proud to be Shanghainese !

    In-game: I am the guild leader of Blackbean in Bera and we have tons of "Blackbean Celebrating National _____ photos in the basilmarket screens section !

    Recently started to use reddit knowing that the player base is greater there ! I love being part of the maple community

    And last but not least, my only request is that maplestory becomes much more of a social game once again !

    Please allow easier communication between players by fixing the guild and buddy chat