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  • I have too many friends

    Fuhreak wrote: »
    If you have that many "friends" then you're going to be forced to ignore the majority or not really even know them that well.
    If you want bigger groups of people just make a guild/guild alliance.
    It doesn't hurt anybody to have this expansion, sure. But do we really need the ability to add everyone on the server to our friend list?
    Personally I've held a group of around a dozen people close to me my whole life. It works out way better than surrounding myself with people I barely know.

    Yea but not everyone wants to join your alliance or maybe there could be other reasons for it. With a buddy list expansion, you can span your community and make it bigger. I don't think to have 1000 friends mean you ignore the majority of them. I ran ursus raids in khroa and manage runs for about 20-30 different alliances, most to all of them I was able to communicate and make great runs with without issues or other stuff. I think expansion can be a great thing. I hate deleting people off my buddy list as it shows one is more important than the other and that's not great at all. Also yea you can barely know someone til you take time out your comfort zone to get to know them. Some times the people you hate or have bad feelings about can be solved by simple communication and taking time to get to know their persona, not the one you think it is but what it truly is. "Wise words, Wise words ;) "
  • What's Your Least Favorite Job?

    Definitely, Evan, he so basic and Keyan is too. still the homie but yea I don't like Evan. freud cool though :D
  • About the Reboot and Bera Extra Channel Removal.

    ShadEight wrote: »
    So it came down to 'we made our servers better in case of big events therefore 20 channels'.

    is this going to impress anyone?

    nope not at all
  • About the Reboot and Bera Extra Channel Removal.

    Well here's the thing they think it's about the mass servers causing the lags, but I been lagging in Muto so bad I get stuck in water and can't move the whole run. The ch's isn't the issue something in the game is causing it doesn't know if someone hacking or if there a bug in the game but the number of ch's are 100%, not the cause. I would have sent a ticket but I prob won't even get heard so I left it alone but yea it's not the ch's.
  • It's time to FINALLY address world population

    DiximaN wrote: »
    THMS has done it, MSEA too, it's time for a merge here: Merge anything that isn't Bera or Reboot into one server

    why not bera?