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  • My Damage Sucks

    Aggraphine wrote: »
    @MorningAfterSeven word of advice, ignore absolutely everything riza tries to tell you about how to do, well, anything in the game. At best, he'll just restate what I and others told you on the first page of this thread and act like it was his idea all along, and at worst he'll tell you things that are flatly wrong.

    I can see a ducklings around this lake, honestly

    @MorningAfterSeven I say this as someone who has helped a lot of people increase their ranges and help with training. I say as I said before do ursus runs and do monster park. Also, get yourself a spider and if you have a Kanna friend and train and farm. It should take a month or less to get to 1-1.5 mil without spending money in game if you are on your own. It can take a week with a partner or help, but yea farm items and get more dex and you be fine. Also, aggrafired isn't the best to give advice couldn't even give lucsean proper advice or answer a simple question, but also another tool to use is youtube as there are mech guides and around but GL and keep it positive :D
  • New World Question

    YaRuski wrote: »
    Will there be any new worlds being released any time soon?

    No, they destroyed all other worlds with the last update. Unless they want to destroy the game and make more players quit they will make a new world if the intention is to kill the game.
  • My Damage Sucks

    AKradian wrote: »
    riza wrote: »
    But what I know you need is Str stats and Attack stats

    Mechanics use DEX, not STR.

    whichever I got him ;) I teach u how to be maple among maplers. if your in bera server it is if not gl :D
  • My Damage Sucks

    Hi Maplers, I'm a lvl 210 mechanic with 170AF and 400k damage.
    I know my range should be far higher, but I really have no idea of how to boost it.
    Any advice is welcome, just remember "get a umbra weapon" is not an advice, since I would need a few tons of billions to get one (and it's not an available option lol).

    Currently I'm 1 absopoint from absogloves, and I'm training a Kanna and a DA as linkmules for damage boost, next will be time for an Ark and a Xenon.

    My complete gear is here (zoomable image at this link )

    Stats/range panel is in the right of the picture.
    Thanks to whoever will share some infos :)

    Happy mapling :)

    That a great class one that many don't use anymore but it is actually one of the low key broken classes in boss raids just people don't realize it. First question to ask is what server your in if you're in bera I know a few people who main that class in the past and also know how to increase the range without spending money. Second long term goal what do you plan to do with it, and what type of funding your looking to do. Also, this class has one skill that lets you teleport through portals and set mines and other stuff to help control the fight that type of spamming is good in a party and great support for bishop and Kanna. But what I know you need is Str stats and Attack stats also attack speed, But attack speed can be sub out for "skip cd" ability, which can help you spam moves and literally overwhelm bosses to the point of not needing atk speed. But yeah there's a few broken stuff you can do but if you're in reboot I say it going to be easy as you won't spend too much money. In our guild, we donate gear to new players and help startup and try to find you someone who knows the class to help with funding. I think joining ursus raids can help cause the shop has items to upgrade gear. But yea good luck and hope to see you hit 1 mil :D
  • I will end our shedding of tears right here

    WONDERGUY wrote: »
    i dont know why people want other game-world all the time
    first was more reg servers , then reboot, then ms2 and now people want old maple server....

    all you do is killing maplestory and divide communities
    we need force nexon to make maplestory great again (if not to late ......)

    if we said strongly no to crazy p2w on time reboot could have been avoided
    if we kept spam nexon to keep update graphic design-events ms2 could have been avoided
    etc etc
    we could avoid many issues and keept maplestory mmorpg (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game)

    we are at 3k+- players (line event vote source)
    if we keep ignore maplestory and focus on other servers-worlds we will again lose many players

    You said the key word "make maple great again" its not that hard its called priorities. As a community, we need to set priorities that are a must for us and keep those selected priorities on the front of our needs. once we can collectively and find one person to voice our concerns we can then make maple great again. rn Nexon is going from one thing to another leaving a large base which made them behind, we have to remind them who is the real backbone of MapleStory which is ms1 players. once we can convey that to them we can accomplish our goal.