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  • Any Italians?

    I'm Italian from a good meal :D
  • Rank #4 Kaiser GMS BANNED

    Dayum bro that sux I am a kaiser myself "one eye dragon" and I be pissed too if I had been ban especially that high level at that. I think it goes to show you some of the aspects of this game need to be revisited and fixed and also in-game recording while training. I hope you get unban, kaiser is a great class and one that is fun to play. I think if a person legit and doesn't hack to get by and profit off of it they should never be ban. We should protect our great maplers and get rid of the bad ones who actually cheat and do real wrong.

    Sorry for the ban and hope it gets resolved soon.
  • why is the game constantly unstable for years?

    They are forced to work under bad conditions and those bad conditions make bad qualities. it only when they lose money they fix it to please the audience and players. I think when the player base takes a big hit then and only then the company will take it seriously, it happens with other good games so it can happen with maple.
  • Best populated servers.

    DubstepGun wrote: »
    Hi all,

    Someone can tell me which server is the most populated nowadays?

    (sorry for possible language mistakes)

    it's alright the most populated servers are just 3. Reboot for the people who don't want to save money and easier experience (maple welfare). Bera the server that is the regular server, This server you have to spend money to fund and bosses are harder in gms servers (maple capitalism). Scania the server that was the most populated and had the old best markets similar to bera but has lost a lot of its members which fleed to bera (maples forgotten state).

    With that in mind, most people would refer you to reboot if you want an easier experience and don't want to spend money. I would recommend as well if you're an old school mapler. If your a person who loves money and merching experience and got those sales skills, join bera. Overall you know yourself so you know which options are the best route gl and hope you enjoy the game content :D.
  • What's Your Least Favorite Job?

    It's been awhile but I have quite a few I don't like too much, Night Walker i'd say is the worst job i've ever played.
    Shade is another bad one, pretty sub-par mobbing from what I was used to during the time (before 5th.)

    Phantom I didn't like much either, i'd rather be playing the classes I stole the skills from, their main skill was cool I guess.
    Kaiser I was excited for but very disappointed by, this was even before the nerf and it just was not fun at all to me, Blaster is just garbage if i'm going to be honest, I think everyone knows what I mean with the combos and stuff.

    Mechanic was pretty bad when I played it (during chaos patch.)

    I'd say my least is probably NW or Blaster.

    As for the other classes, I liked the rest of them.

    but they are not on the level of Evan I say if there was a dragon master class out it should definitely be Freud class. He was amazing but Evan very basic copy and paste so yeah.