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  • Bots commin to steal your maps

    40Kaisers wrote: »
    i LIKE to challenge, and I wish I had enough time to the crack the hackers.
    We'll crack each other back and forth.
    That would be fun

    absolutely we will crack the hackers down BAN THEM ALL!!! LEAVE NO SURVIVORS!!!
  • Bots commin to steal your maps

    Fuhreak wrote: »
    riza wrote: »
    well, it's going to always be like that the security hasn't been serious for years and prob never will we should hope Korea does something soon :(

    Even the most intrusive DRM methods can be cracked pretty quickly. Denuvo rarely ever makes it that long before it's hacked and it's one of the worst DRMs to ever exist.
    I highly doubt Nexon can make anything that can actually stop the hackers. Most hackers actually LIKE the challenge so if anything you'll just get it cracked faster.

    true but if we are to be the greatest community we should meet all challenges and riz a bove it. we are the maple community and should act as such. only question is does the team feel this way.
  • [Bera] Is this level of botters normal?

    Lilyflower wrote: »
    @riza more like welcome to botstory.

    yeah, that's basically everyone's story now a day, no new content nor real experience just botters.
  • [Bera] Is this level of botters normal?

    Demikus wrote: »
    I'm coming back to Maplestory again and didn't want to go back to reboot, I want to be able to trade, and fund low level characters again. I've noticed that there are botters/hackers everywhere, All the theme dungeons I've gone to have been filled with them, jump around to different channels and 70% of them are occupied by them. I went to spiders and after some hopping found an empty channel long enough to find one familiar card before a hacker started sucking all the mobs and stole my map. I'm not working my way through Temple of Time and I keep seeing them blinking around, though these ones don't seem to attack while other players are around.

    Is this normal or is it just aggravated by the Tera burning event? Would switching over to one of the other "normal" servers be an option here or is it just as bad on them?

    welcome to maplestory :D

    the bots fund the economy so they will always be there as long as people intend to keep the market alive. nexon will need to make a way to do things so bots wont be needed or in game security like i mentioned in most my previous post. but without in game security bots will always exist.
  • Content or Destruction

    As we all know this game has had great progression as well as many setbacks. What makes it what it is, is the community more directly "the voices". This discussion is about the game progression as it's not progressing in fashion to keep it alive. one of the biggest killers in games today is "boredom", we get thrilled from great content, trolling, conflict anything to get a rise and thrill we seek. it makes for great stories and also great content.

    Now that I mention "great content" what great content do we have today? we have repetitive content and bosses that are boring and really annoying most of our players. What we need is a solution, we need change that will bring life to this game that had given so much great playtime for most of our player base. we need content that isn't solely based on holding down one button staying in place and wait a week. Based on solo play cause the ego won't allow them to cooperate with other individuals.

    Ursus was a big change for maple as it required many players to take down a goal and even made it hard to do so. So how do we create content that requires teamwork, isn't repetitive and will be fun and something to do daily or every few days? I heard glory will have some content but will we get content that is consistent and will bring life and fun to the game.

    This is more to ask you all if we need more content, my plan of action is to write this thread to see how many seek more content or satisfied with the game. Also will the return of PVP, guild tournaments, more bosses or team party quest and content help. I hope to hear some good comments and reviews.