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  • We all want a merge

    Daxterbeer wrote: »
    Catooolooo wrote: »
    nope, would be nice for some real world merges though, and no more world alliances

    The world merge idea may lead to character deletions since you are turning multiple worlds into 1 world. I made some characters in the other worlds in GRAZED for storage and when I want to replay a certain class, those classes would be deleted. It was fun to use other worlds within the same alliance to bypass the 5 cubes per month from RP limit.

    dude, KMS has merged 15 worlds into 1 world, 7 worlds into 1 and so on, which is how they got down to 10 servers, and when EMS was added to GMS they merged their 2 worlds, and in both cases, there were no character deletions. it's an irrational fear. the most that will happen is that you would be prevented from making new characters if your overall character count was 43 or above.

    KMS use to have about 30+ worlds to choose from, now they have 10 or 11, and that's because they added 2 rather recently (only talking about normal worlds)

    if you need a refresher Read These posts that talk about 10+ servers being merged into 1, and those were only the ones I could find after remembering key words to find them, but there were several others.

    how do you think they went from This (+ 11 more because this just shows post merge of 12 servers to 1) to This (It's from the V update so doesn't have the Arcane server added ) 5 of the servers on the list (Union, Elysium, Enosis, Aurora, and Luna) came from being massive merges of many (10+) dead servers. I had characters in an allianced server in KMS that eventually got merged with the other 3 servers in it's alliance + some others in KMS (the Culverin server alliance) and none of them got deleted.
  • What Happened to Meaningful Loot While Grinding?

    I dont agree with adding powerful items to randomly drop from mobs(like arcane umbra) , but fun equipment items would be nice (like the red whip,korean fan, differently colored umbrellas and panlids of old maple) It would be nice to have more fun equips to collect or even anvil.
  • Nexon America

    HoneyWater wrote: »
    Communication is getting worse ..

    Maybe Putting more detail would be better,

    like if you're talking about the nexon support live chat and how sometimes they don't really know what to tell you, it's cause how they also help others in different games

    or lack of transparency where nexon doesn't really just answer a question until it happens?

    i know the some higher ups read this even if they don't respond or so.

    I actually agree with them, communication over the years has not gotten better, in fact I'd say communication was at it's best before CM Hime left in 2013, and has since gone downhill. Anyone that has gotten close to being as open had either quit, moved on to a different job or got fired.
  • Luminous Skill Update?

    lumi in GMS sort of is the same as KMS's now, and the change has been around since the V update in December 2016

    I say sort of the same because new lumi's are default dark affinity (dark skill boost + dark 1st job skill) and I dont think they have the light choice enabled as of yet (I could be wrong though) while old lumis from when we had the global version of lumi still have both light and dark skills (but new max lvl 20) but auto default dark side affinity.
  • revamp party questing

    UserRed wrote: »
    Well, there's Hungry Muto and Commerci Party Quest for 200+. Kenta PQ is also pretty popular I heard.

    no one does muto for exp (because the exp isnt good) they do it for the symbols and commerci PQ doesn't give good exp either for above lvl 200, and Kenta is only good for below lvl 200.