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  • ZeroByDivide's in-person chat with the Nexon Team

    Seriously? Did you already forget that there's a much faster and more casual way to play the current MapleStory? I just need to wait for someone to develop this "free" method for MapleStory 2 and PRESTO! I can play MS2 without any fuss, no time lost on events (if there are any events that is), and many of the other restrictions the game developer cripples you with.

    ah yes, the casual illegal way that might get killed off anytime between 1 week to a year or more and falls in line with cheating, considering the official game is still alive, how could I forget about that casual way...
  • What Maplehood Gachapon taught me

    and knowing is half the battle.
  • No More FM

    Joint wrote: »
    This is a good thing and how the game should have been from the beginning. This is pushing the auction house and trading features more than just a fm spam fest instead. In reality the fm was just a big nuisance and all it did was create problems. It was too time consuming to do any kind of merching in the fm and virtually impossible to sell anything worthwhile due to the fact you need to log on right after maintances just to get a good spot. Then you have those shop botters, spot stealers, and spot hoggers that also ruin the fm. The auction house should have been implemented from the very beginning of the game as all other mmos had done. The only ones that will get mad at this update are the nostalgia freaks who want everything old back in the game. The merchers who now will find it harder to scam other players money, and the market spammers who clutter the fm with unnecessary jargon. Overall, with the increase mesos cap and easier searching this will improve the trading in the game in a big way. Merching will also be a lot easier now since you are able to see everything at once and not have to hop from market to market. Really don't understand the players in this game anymore. TBH the fm is unnecessary anyway ever since they implemented the auction house. Only people who really use the fm are the ones that are selling over max mesos items anyway. They are increasing the mesos cap and improving the auction house now. I see no big difference besides nostalgia reasons.

    I feel like 90% of that is refuted by the existence of Owls of Minerva. I'm not saying that the auction house is bad or anything, but at the same time, there's not anything wrong with the FM existing as it is.

    uuhh... in KMS owls still cost NX, are split into 2 different items and are not given away for free in their general stores, that was/is a GMS exclusive thing.

    another thing is that, in KMS when they got the AH, most of the FM rooms were removed to push the AH system anyway.

    the point of this is to basically unify the selling system, by making AH the only market system and adding improvements to AH to make it better than FM, though as both a hangout spot (for friends and guilds) and a quick way to trade with someone who is in a completely different area, it will be missed, hopefully they will add something (Guild HQ's and a hangout area) to replace the unintentional uses that the FM had.

    in KMS this will be mostly an improvement due to the fact that they do not have the gms exclusive changes (like owls for meso)

    for people having trouble understanding why this is good, remember back to before owls were sold for meso (which was done after major delays in adding the unlimited search AH were still happening) and remember how a lot of free players where crying for AH to be implemented even in a broken state just so they could easily search, buy and sell without having to spend money. if AH was released in GMS with that climate at the time (without the bugs), it would have easily become the top way to sell anything and get anybody to find it with ease (because owls were not sold in general stores at the time, they cost NX, like it still is now for KMS).

    the days of having to go stall by stall to both, find what you want to buy and compare prices died in GMS with the meso owls but not in KMS because they didnt get that change, if you want to search their FM and compare prices you have to either, go stall by stall or buy an owl with NX, while alternatively you can just search the AH for free.

    all I'm saying is look at it from the KMS perspective not the GMS one.
    AznboiE wrote: »
    If anything I would have thought they'd eventually merge Auction house's expanded search filter and integrate it into the Free Market to replace Owls.
    I doubt that would even be possible as the AH system functions completely differently than stalls and even fixes certain issues that stalls have (that players currently take advantage of)
  • Prepare for reset time change

    because UTC doesn't observe Daylight savings, prepare for reset to happen 1 hour earlier.
  • GMS-Raising Star Cap, Rebirth Flames & Neb Revamp?

    Actually in terms of Star Force Caps in other servers it goe's as follows: KMS/TMS/CMS = 25 Star Force CAP ~ MapleSEA/EMS Before migration = 20 Star Force CAP
    ~ GMS/JMS = 15 Star Force CAP.

    But due note that all servers including EMS prior to migrating over to gms. Have Flames of Rebirth.

    Only GMS Lacks Flames of Rebirth.

    TMS and CMS both have damage caps that expand based on equipment, even with starforce they get pretty screwed over by the other things they have to deal with, but you're right, they did get 25 stars, all the other servers aside from KMS and those 2 didn't though. GMS might give us the 20 star limit if they really are thinking about increasing the star limit (and actually act on it unlike EMS reboot) but very little belief they will give 25.

    I can get behind a Flames system that isnt about replacing nebs, as once again, that was never officially even stated as the reason why GMS didnt get it. that was a fan conclusion.

    I keep bringing this up because the Soul system was once just going to be cut out of GMS like the meso market had been for a while, and like the Flames are currently, because some people on the team "believe it gave too little boost to matter" this was an answer they gave on the "A better maple" servery a few years back (I have the whole thing screenshot and saved) and only got implemented after enough complaining and campaigning happened.

    an the reason why we didn't get AO