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  • Kind of a big deal to me but just a question.

    KMS expanded the character limit for each of those characters so GMS will too when they get here in the winter update
  • SOLUTIONS to reduce hackers

    Roni777 wrote: »
    Well, either it is replacement or alternative, it comes back to developers. Let them see all the facts that has been happening so far in Maplestory and decide. Most of the things i said above, most of them with the facts that can support my suggestion. I appreciate more the elaboration and addition of the ideas, to give more suggestion to maple. Instead of just saying "no" without giving a fact or opinion with the fact that can support it.

    @Darkpassenger. Yeah, I agree with the marketing strategy. Tho as addition, it is not the only way, the fun inside the game will keep players playing and even spread the news. Marketing is also another way to attract newly fresh players as customer.

    dude, no facts support your ideas to any degree.

    no one has said "no" without giving a fact that shatters your list of "solutions"

    you want some cold hard facts

    1. Automated scripts exist, hackers can and do use these scripts, they use them all the time and used to use them more in the past, and have and still use them for map jumping, turning in quests and to avoiding ban by GM.
    2. "if they can detect the quests, then hide them" they literally can not do that, that is not how the game functions, all quest data resides in that 1 file called Quest.wz, and that wz file is the only way your client can recognize/ read/see Quest data, if it's not there then your client will not know it's there and therefore no one can see it. even if they "hid" the data of the quest server side, the Quest.wiz still needs a "tag" ID to identify that the rest of the data is stored server side so the client would recognize it, and that could still be exploited and identified through packet reading and manipulation.
    3. the suggestions you propose do not stop, hurt or demoralize hackers, but will hurt and demoralize legitimate players of the game, the most that your plausible ideas would do to hackers is make them come up with a different automation script and by the next day they would be in full force.

    all these ideas are terrible for a game that is meant to be a traditional MMO, for trying to get rid of a problem that goes beyond what you can conceive.

    The devs will do with this suggestion that they do with most, look at it, laugh at it, and move on with progressing the game with mostly KMS content.

    the best way to kill the hackers is by
    1. figuring out how (or what in the code) allows them to identify when a GM is online (I suspect it's a GM command of somekind getting exploited)
    2. if you can't patch the code, find a way to exploit it so their program sees a GM online all the time.
    3. if you can't exploit it, use the info to your advantage and have a GM account on all servers, all the time, they do not need to be actively doing anything at first but it will lock out the bots for a while before they retire the GM detection program, this shouldn't be too hard if there really is "24/7 GM patrolling" anyway

    hurt them with their own protection tool is a good way to lock them out or force them to no longer rely on it.
  • Let All Regions Have access To The Same Classes

    HanzYolo wrote: »
    I really wanted to play cadena but then I realized that I wouldn't be able to play her and I just think that all regions should have access to the same classes.

    the class will be released for our winter update, everything major from KMS comes to GMS, that includes classes.

    the reason why we cannot have it now is due to the localization and translation process from Korean (KMS)to english(GMS).

    just wait.

    if you want to play Cadena right now you would have to play in KMS, and if you do that you wont have any progress you have in GMS and you can't transfer it, cause it's a completely different regional server with some minor differences in content (no gollux, no potable badges, no commerci..etc).

    if you want to play it in GMS you will just have to wait for that content to be localized and later released in the winter update.
  • Scheduled Maintenance – July 13, 2017?! Question.

    well shouldn't be hard, just subtract an hour off PDT, then add one to get yoru local time... or in other words your time is PDT if you don't follow Daylight savings time.
    UTC is also 9 hours ahead of you. so when it's midnight for UTC it's 3pm for you.
    See that is super confusing.. Subtract an hour off PDT? Pacific Daylight Time which is California right? Then add one to my local time? I Don't understand. Maybe it's just me
    they were saying that your time is PDT or( to make things simpler and remove the daylight savings time referal ) PT (Pacific Time) (NV and CA share the same time zone), the take away 1 hour then add an hour was more a joke or mockery of this fact in light of your question.

    i think you are confused about the PDT/PST names, they are both the same timezone, they both just refer to different observations of the Daylights savings time, PDT (Pacific Daylight Time)
    is used during the summer for area's that are under Pacific Time (PT) for when daylights savings is in effect (turning the clock forward hour), PST (Pacific Standard Time) is used in the winter time when Daylight Savings is not in effect (turning the clock back an hour)

    other timezones do this too

    also google will automatically tell you the time of a timezone if you just type in "(X timezone type) to (Y timezone type)" but that wouldn't solve your confusion in this cause cause they are both the same timezone
  • EMS to GMS - what has changed?

    no free character slots, never gona have a perm pendent slot sale or Perm HTR sale, can't trade already equipped NX equipment because no system with ASoK's (or whatever SoK's were used to trade nx stuffs in EMS), as far as NX item trading goes, you can only trade non-equipped NX items from Surprise style boxes, most NX items can not be sold, No Veracent.

    You have Access to the Familiar system, Gollux boss and other GMS content that was never released to EMS prior to the merge, Starforce only goes to 15 and costs and % rates are different, no Flames, NPC Matilda Sells SP reset, AP reset, Safety charms,buff freezers and respawn tokens (wheels of destiny) for mesos with a daily limit, server time goes by UTC instead of PST or CEST/CET.

    EU holiday events are in an unknown spot since this is the first year of the merge and GMS probably had no plans for these this year so don't be surprised if you don't see the normal EU holiday events like Bonfire night or Oktoberfest...etc.

    I think that's all you need to really worry/ know about since you were "relived" of your old characters and items.

    other differences/ changes can be covered by the update notes from V in december to OverRide (currently going on)