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  • Kanna though...

    Funny... I was talking about how good Kanna was in comparison to the BW I'm maining.

    More map wipes
    Bigger aoe map wipes
    Higher damage range and output
    S grade mobbing
    A grade bossing due to multiple binds (binds are everything in lagstory)

    and what do they do? They buff Kanna while leaving BW in the same state cause hackers... god damnit

    can't even fight Normal Mag even though I have the range for it because of the 1-2second delay between orbital flames...

    "oh I jumped and shot an orbital flame"? Nahhh it only shoots out when I land on the ground because of the delay.

    It's doable for telegraphed mobs who don't have 1hit-KOs, not doable for a lot of bosses.

    hackers have nothing to do with what's happening to BW's, that balance is being done by KMS which doesn't have the BW bot problem.

    also Kanna was no where near as good as you are trying to make it out to be pre buff, if you mained it you would understand.
  • New Rune System

    AKradian wrote: »
    This new rune system really annoys me, commands feel harder to implement for some reason and I noticed that a cursed rune can remove the burning field effect from a map. With the exception of the visible rune cooldown, I feel this update to Runes have made them more of a hindrance to leveling than a welcome change.

    They are supposed to hinder botters, not to directly improve anything for legits.

    actually that's wrong, the change was done to force people to use runes more in general and also force the use of the less desired runes. it had nothing to do with bots, as bots have had a way to bypass this for a long long time.

    much like how the flying mob with the debuff was released to deal with a problem of afk map hoggers in KMS and had nothing to do with trying to take down afk botters or keyweighters in GMS, this change was to deal with people not using runes if they were of a less desired rune.
  • Drop rate formula

    I dont believe nexon has disclosed any of the formulas that calculate anything in this game, pretty sure that has all been revealed from players digging around in the game files and testing things out in game. I doubt they would be as transparent as disclosing the formula calculated for the drop rate, mostly because it's probably prohibited by the NDA to give details of that level. any calculation that will give us a rough estimate will be given to us by other players.
  • Your character having multiple response options.

    엘소드 wrote: »
    Way too much work, when most folks just spam the space bar to get through the NPC convo as quick as possible to get back to grinding.

    Right! Reason for this is most likely because the interactions aren't engaging. This idea might combat that.

    eh tbh Telltale games have a facade of giving you options but they dont really matter most of the time because they want to push a distinct narrative.

    also people skip, not because it's not engaging, but they skip because they mostly are not playing for the story element, they mostly want "just give me my rewards so i can keep (training,bossing, other)"

    I feel like giving more options ,if done right, would be too much work due to the low amount of people who would genuinly care about that specific part of the storytelling compared to the lore and story as a whole of the maple world; If done wrong, would just not remedy the issue you have.
  • So do we accept losses because of instability?

    AlexF wrote: »

    I'm going to leave that there because that's what happens to my keyboard with maple running even when alt-tabbed. It just freezes and spams the last key pressed until I unplug/replug. Pain in the ass to deal with, shouldn't have to deal with it.

    Anyways. He traded the pendant back to one of my IRL friends who was paying for the scroll service & the one who was also helping me CSS the failed slots. When it was all done and finished, my IRL friend then traded the pendant back to me, to which it said Hammers Applied: 0 when it originally said Hammers Applied: 2(MAX).

    Again, no other inventory had hammers applied to it. It was the exact same pendant with the same crappy epic potential lines. It would make absolutely zero sense for a trusted guildmate/friend to randomly cube/innocent-scroll or mess around with my item. I highly doubt that it was due to some sort of failure as an innocent scroll would have reset the successful Gollux scrolls that worked during the service. No, something happened during the trade in which the hammer slots were lost.

    You have massive walls of text - so It's very difficult for me to read this. I'll just ask questions;

    1) You had hammer slots applied to the pendant?
    2) How many successful scrolls were applied to the pendant before the CSS process began?

    What it looks like is that the CSS removed the failed slots and this is why it says 0 are applied.

    CSS's dont remove hammered slots, that's what Innocent scrolls do.
    CSS's can give you back a usable slot if you failed a hammer though.