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  • Create a 5th job skill!

    Blessing of the Bellflower Blossom: Combines Haku's blessing, Bellflower barrier and Blossom Barrier into a field that increases party member damage by 20%, boss damage by 15% and reduces %hp attacks by 10%. Lasts 20 seconds. (Leveling the node increases the duration of the field up to 30 seconds) Does not stack with Haku's blessing, Bellflower barrier, or Blossom Barrier.
    Mana cost: 100
    Cooldown: 600 seconds

    my only problem with this is that haku's blessing is not a controlled buff, and would cancel this whenever haku auto casts the blessing buff (looking at how Hayato has this problem with one of his hyperskill buffs being cancelled by a 4th job skill buff if on macro and vice verca).
  • Idea - Fundraiser Campaign on Kickstarter

    Nexon really doen't need a kickstarter, they are a big company and make lots of money annually. The problems we experience are mainly exclusive to GMS.

    they have already branched out by making tons of Mobile games and have actually made console games for maplestory (one for the DS and one now for the 3DS), most of these things just never got localized for NA.
    there is even a maplestory anime (though it has noting to do with the plot in either games or the MMO)
  • Request: Can we have another SAO event?

    the problem is that they probably can't, due to having to re buy licenses and , iirc the last time this was responded to officially, they said they wouldn't because of licensing agreements, while at the same time, saying that they are open to other crossover events (Log horizon hopefully will be next).
  • Are there still duped items in the game right now?

    FadesKun wrote: »

    Okey. that kinda answered my 2nd question but what about my 1st question. Did nexon miss deleting some duped items, i mean would that be possible ?
    that's completely unknown, I'd say it's a good chance they removed most of the ones that had anything to do with the last duping exploit and even older ones, they seemed to have removed lots of items spanning years back.
  • In need of some help

    what server are you in?

    I'd suggest just getting your hands on the penslar/utgard set, it's the common monster drop set at lvl 140+ areas, if you can get someone to give you pieces of empress then sure.