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  • kanna bot rant

    LazyBub wrote: »
    It's honestly a joke, i moved from Reboot to Bera and there is a bot on EVERY channel in some of the popular grinding spots. Has GMs given up on the game?

    Nexon is too busy trusting their ban bot to ban hackers and botters, even though they have banned very few bottters or hackers with it and have banned many legit players.
  • Can we update protection scrolls?

    the scrolling system was not created around prime scrolls, and the boom rate is there to add "risk" even though you can bypass that risk with NX.

    I do agree that they should separate the star amount from the ability of the scroll to function for regular scrolling, like "Will not protect for star enhancement beyond 12 stars" but it still work for reg scrolling, this is something that i can see becoming more of a problem in the future in the Ark Update where the Ark innocent scrolls are added.
  • Maplestory Heroes Figures in GMS

    so far GMS has never received any of the maple merch for sale or any shop that sells maple merch online.

    the only way GMS gets maple merch to players is through some of the forum contests, end even then it's rare for them to give maple merch.

    GMS has also never received any of the special in game contests/ raffles that can award you with IRL prizes that KMS has had.

    so GMS will likely not have these available.
  • Did anyone else get "NGS hack detected" banned

    Just wondering as I have managed to trip the autoban system and got perm-banned, maybe about 20 minutes after logging in and getting stuff from the CS to get on my Cadena.
  • It's time for a change.

    Do you want to know why nexon doesn't IP ban?

    Because the people that buy NX are also hackers/botters. .

    LOL that's the most false statment in this thread.
    nexon dont IP ban because the hackers/ botters dont use their real IP anyway, they use a proxy tool that's built into their hack tool, so IP bans are completely useless for the real problem makers.