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  • Fairy Bros Daily Gift Compensation Distributed

    Hello Maplers!

    Fairy Bros Daily Gift Compensation has been distributed.
    Please re-log in to see these rewards in your Gift Drop.

    Players who completed 15-19 days of Fairy Bros will be given the following:
    -- Spell Trace (x1,000)
    -- Trait Increase Potion
    -- 2x EXP Coupon (60 min) (x2)
    -- 2x Drop Coupon (60 min)
    -- 1,000 Maple Reward Points

    Players who completed 20 to 24 days of Fairy Bros will be given all the rewards they would have got if they finished, including MVP rewards. Your MVP rewards will be based on your MVP Tier at the time of the v.206 update on July 24.

    Thank you.
  • treasure hunting with pathfinder gifts?

    We plan to distribute the rest of Pathfinder Microsite gifts on July 24th along with our Patch Update.
    If any changes are made, we'll update the community with the timeline. :)
  • Good Practices

    Nexon is committed to protecting the safety and security of our players' information. As a reminder, Nexon does not request that you provide personal information over email. If you receive unsolicited emails appearing to be from Nexon or any other organization asking you to provide computer access, account information (such as username and password), personal information (such as Social Security Number), information about payment accounts or credit cards, or other personal or sensitive information, you should treat the message as suspect. Emails with requests to follow links to webpages that ask you to enter such information also may not be genuine.
  • 6/29 Recent Ban Appeals and Reports


    We wanted to let you know that we are aware of the many ban appeals and reports that started this Friday afternoon.
    Our team is currently looking further into this issue.
    I know this notice doesn't provide detailed information you have been asking for but we'll update as soon as we have additional information concerning this matter.
  • Legion Rank and Adventure Tier Reset Bug

    We are aware that some players in the alliance worlds experience a bug where their Legion Rank and Adventure Tier reset after today's maintenance.
    Please comment with your IGN and World if you are affected by this bug.

    Additionally, we have discovered that the Drop Coupon in Sengoku Revamp Celebration Gift disappears upon changing character/logging out.
    Please refrain from claiming these Drop Coupons if you do not plan to use them at the moment.