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  • Still Haven't Recieved My Maplestory Fest Gift Box

    MapleStory Fest in-game gifts have not been distributed to the attendees yet.
    We plan to do so next week! If any changes are made, we will update the community accordingly. :)
  • 14th medal

    ShokunKaYo wrote: »
    Camper wrote: »
    ShokunKaYo wrote: »

    Damn so if you miss a single mission your Are screwed, kinda Hard to complete when there isent really anyone in the arcade on EU reboot, but thanks for your reply i guess i Will discontinue with try to get the medal

    Good news. Just found out that KMS had something called "celebrity pass" which will let you finish celebrity quests that were left unfinished past their event time. You gotta grind monsters near ur level to get this "celebrity pass" (they have low drop rate apparently) and you can get 100 celebrity pass per day per character. The amount of celebrity pass required to finish the quest depends on individual quests (some only require 50, while some require 200 and etc). If gms does the same thing, you'll be able to get 14th medal without having to do all the quests.
    Do keep in mind, however, that these passes are for "event quests that has passed." So it only applies to quests that you can no longer do it because the event time for that quest has ended (i.e collecting fashion coupon is gonna disappear and be replaced with different coin collection methods).

    Just to let you know, we do have "Becoming a Celeb!" event starting on May 22nd at 12:00 AM UTC.
    Please check the Patch Notes linked below to see which events can be substituted with Celeb Passes! :)
  • Retro World Promotion Coupon - no maple equipments

    We apologize, the Patch Notes have been updated just now.
  • [Updated] Notice to Belgian Players

    The Belgian Gaming Commission has declared that ‘loot boxes’ in games (items with an element of chance that are acquired with either real money or virtual currency purchased with real money) are subject to Belgian gambling legislation. In light of the current regulatory activity in Belgium, Nexon America has decided to take proactive measures.

    MapleStory is taking the following steps effective February 14, 2019. These changes will only affect players accessing the game from Belgium.

    Players who access the game from Belgium will no longer be able to purchase the following items:
    • All items with an element of chance including circulators, cubes, stamps, random coupons, boxes, Gachapon items, and scrolls.
    o These items will no longer be visible to you within the Cash Shop. If you purchase(d) any of these items prior to February 14, 2019, they can still be used normally.

    • Marvel Machine spins or Double Marvel.
    o If you purchased spins prior to February 14, 2019 that have not been used, those spins will still be available for you to use on the Marvel Machine web page. You will also still be able to access the Coupon Vault to redeem codes for items you received from Marvel Machine prior to February 14, 2019.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this causes our Belgian players.
  • What is the last day to rank up alliance?

    The last day to increase your Alliance Rank would be January 22nd.
    You will not be able to rank up from January 23rd 00:00 UTC.