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  • Remove the Sol Erda Cap

    I was very hyped and motivated to check this new age update but after looking at the exp nerf, instanced maps screwing reg servers, sol erda cap and oz boxes nerf, i got so disappointed im not motivated anymore, one of the best hypes i have had since 5th job got released went down the drain and now it has become "another meh patch with more and more nerfs" . I was so hyped to play hours on end but after what I saw, Ill keep logging in for 30mins and log off, cuz whats the point in playing more, who cares about end game anymore, who cares about anything to be honest, I would rather spend my time on a game that treats me better.
  • Official GMS 2022 Boycott

    You got my support sir.
  • The Game Is Going Backwards In Progress

    I never buy Nx clothes just because of this, how many people even bother with the 90 days sht? I only spend money oni the water of life every now and then, its been more than 15 years and cash shop has not changed much AT ALL
    And no way im gambling on those surprise boxes scamm
  • Is Reboot going pay to win?

    AaronHusky wrote: »

    All due respect I don't really think that's worth mentioning.. Reboot is the 'f2p' server because of the obvious stark contrast in spending requirements to be competitive relative to non-reboot servers. Imagine this - Nexon still calls Maplestory 'Free to Play!'.. More like 'free to get carried through the game by people spending $10,000 to be sorta competitive'.

    I would rather reference the consumer spending behavior from the players than what Nexon 'officially' labels as free or not.. Better to trust your experience and observations over a company's PR team.

    You don't have to spend money to be "competitive" with other players on reg servers. I can solo Lotus on my Hoyoung and most of my progression on him came from just playing the game. I know F2P players at Willcid level too. There's no actual competition between players either. This is a silly mindset tbh. Play the game at your own pace.

    This game is most definitely "free to play" too. Ironically, I'm pretty sure the "free to get carried" line applies to reboot more because of the lack of trading between players. Lotta people asking for carries on reboot.

    Youre terribly wrong if u defend this game not being P2W, the moment an item thats obtained through real money gives u an advantage over someone that doesnt buy it, thats pay to win, all f2p games have this features, they allow u to progress for free but it mmakes progresison way faster if u pay, they make free progression annoying so u are kind of inclined to pay for faster progression.
  • We Need to Talk About Masteria

    Beef wrote: »
    darik wrote: »
    Damn i like the feedback, really well written and touching crucial points. If anything to add would be the prices of gollux items, they are way too high in my opinion, it takes way too long to get 750 coins, i understand its end game, but theres other end game content that can be achieved/obtained faster, so why make gollux items so hard to obtain?

    IDK, a month for a guaranteed piece vs 1 year+ if you're lucky for an Arcane drop in Reboot, Gollux seems pretty generous especially when people party up for coin leeching.

    If anything, Hell mode Gollux should have all the drops instead of just locked down on Earrings and Belt

    i agree with thepart that gollux should drop all 4 pieces of the equipment.