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  • Fix your garbage servers Nexon!

    That would be nice, seeing as MVP technically IS a exp buff and should follow the same guideline as the 1.5 and 2x exp buffs we get.
  • Maplestory Classic

    Lets let that pipe dream die in the corner like it should.

    Cause my dude there is NO reverse to this spaghetti code that is maplestory.
  • Remove Kishin

    Honestly Kanna is a JMS class that almost all versions got EXCEPT KMS and all i can think of is KMS looking at its concept and looking at 1 specific skill and just said "Oh HELL no,not here! balance would be ruined horribly" and GMS be like "We take all the trash as long as we make cash!"

    When kanna came out she was horrible no question and her worst aspect was her teleport(it was stupidly cluncky) her dps was sorta decent cause of how haku fan buff worked, other than that she was only good for one thing (kinshin) other than people liking the class lore or looks or utility gameplay was not it.

    But there was one undeniable truth about kanna she was better than jett hands down...so in short should the skill be removed honestly yes and no, i say this cause while yes it brings a pacifier to too many people and no cause its to late to remove it the damage is done (mostly others naaaaing about how it will affect new players in fact they are actually just worried about them selves) cause as we see it anyone of these blasted forum posts with the mere mention of starting on reboot server say make a kanna to fund your self, and that's truly what is wrong with the class.

    There should not be in any way shape or form for anyone to say " you NEED to make this class to advance on this server" that's BS! you can just as well make ANY class make a set of item/meso gear and with pets and grind out on reboot server, will it take longer HELL YES that's the whole dang point of reboot server to go back to the grind of the older years of the game but with increased difficulty and access to most item enhancements with mesos, hell you get 5x meso rate,higher rate of gear for your class dropping, free dmg%, meso red and black cubes, increased social interactions cause now you actually "NEED" (i say need but there will always be that try hard...) other people to progress and you still cry foul when when 20% meso/item gain is taken away...

    Kannas kinshin skill is not needed people just been suckling on that skills teat for 8 years to long that you have grown depended on it and now that its slowly getting pulled out people about to cry a river and fight anyone that thinks other wise.
  • Which type of weapon for a level 200+ Paladin?

    For aesthetics (and that sweet sweet +1 speed) 1h sword and shield, you can also just go two handed and equip the secondary weapon but you will notice the speed difference...BUT you asked for short and simple.

    Buy a terminus defender star it to high heaven cube it for att% and be a tanky boi!!!

  • PIC for storage

    Eh i could care less about it i been xfering items from my 48 characters for like 20 mins my pic is good mix of letters, numbers, that i can quickly click in...

    Only reason i can see people are getting goofy over this is if they have a stupidly long PIC or have missed click and got the try again message and its upset them XD

    There is a lot of online Free-to-Play games that use PIC or second password system for storage BUT the difference here is in those games you enter the PIC on time to get into your bank/storage w/e and thats it you can go in and out at will on all characters, but here! you got to enter it every single time you change characters.

    What im trying to say is yes its a great idea but it fails on execution, they should have made it a one time thing for storage seeing as if i get in on one character it makes no sense to make me enter it on EVERY CHARACTER i log in cause after the first one if i was a hacker i'd have emptied that storage post haste and im not going back in it i would have no reason to!