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  • What is your favorite Class you have played?

    Evan you have a pet dragon...and you have dual attack setups its fun!
  • MVP Expires?

    What i find most obscure about MVP is that it takes last spending of 3 months to decide if it will go down a rank or stay the same...well i spent well over 400$ last year july in DMT that got me from bronze VI to silver and half way to silver 2, now i up to this point havent been spending much if not any nx at all but that day i was like "ima get some gains!" so i splurged got silver for a good month then poof right back to bronze...

    What im getting at if i spend well over 400$ or more why the everloving god would it reduce my rank even if i spent nothing those past 2 months the final month should go into consideration but NOPE just hah ty for the cash try again with MORE cash next time...i even wrote a ticket and to this day its still not answered the gm that responded did not even give me a clear answer just we looking into it then 3 months later closed...
  • Unbelievable lag

    I will admit this and only this, the "lag" in question is a mixed bag for starters it happens in certain maps and ch's mainly the high grinding maps.

    I can tell when the lag come when mobs start NOT dying after taking over 100mil dmg so i spam cc till i can cc then i can kill again till the lag comes back.

    If i do nothing and just afk or do the lil events i get 0 lag and its fun time all the time mainly if i dont go out of towns or train i dont run the risk of lag, BUT i did find something interesting while training for a brief second or two there was a floating character right at the entrance of a map and right after they go poof the lag ramps up to 11 it might mean nothing or it might mean everything idk but i would just like someone to look into it. (not like im going to train my ark past 200 anyway without 5th job XD)
  • Ark discussion

    story wise its ok i mean i enjoyed it but i have watched way to much anime and can see how this plays out, gameplay wise dear god its like a TB and Bucc merged and they gave it a ton of cooldowns to balance the power out (seriously if this class had no cooldowns like TB it would be top dog in specter mode) the mobbing is fun and very mobile, while bossing is way to easy just specter up use bind+ pop hypers and hold 1 button and let auto spell do its thing.
  • Illium Pre-Creation Additional Items???

    I got a rock...