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  • Farewell Nexon NA and MapleStory GMS

    LagTooMuch wrote: »
    yea stupid Nexon has nexoned on it XD
    seriously bring wild totem back or make frenzy totem either what you said above or self-casting buff, only affecting the caster of the frenzy buff.
    Regular server is dead...

    I miss good old party quests where people join together working toward specific goals.

    well, Nexon took out a lot of good things in the game that could have kept the activity up. Also the world transfer event "worst decision ever" made the game lose 2/3 of its players.

    So yeah nexon needs to take some of my advice and save the game cause too many people are quitting for things they can fix rn.
  • Official GMS 2022 Boycott

    Middah wrote: »
    Posted On Reddit: Posting Here for Nexon Visibility:

    This Post Is The Official Declaration Of a Boycott for Nexon's Neglect of The GMS Region And Especially The Reboot Server.

    All Players Are Requested To Stop Paying Nexon Untill Changes In Game Quality And Stability Start To Take Place.

    why? A New Year Has Come. and with it, Alot of Dissapointed Players...

    Lots of players didnt get the DMT at 25/12, servers are still unstable, lots of content is missing from the winter update, StarForce prices are unreal, Yet ANOTHER Kishin Nerf, no vac pet in reboot, no new years package for GMS, no frequent cash transfer event, RNG related rates still weren't published, Legion Wealth and Drop Coupons Dissapear On DC While Exp Coupons Do Not, NO 64 BIT Client!!and There's No Communication From Nexon's Side regarding those matters at all....

    all those and many other bugs and issues are ruining player experience, and Nexon dosen't care, probably because most of Maplestory's income comes from the KMS region.. but it shouldn't be like this...

    we had enough Bebe boxes, Apologies, and Compensations. Fix your damn game Nexon!

    "Getting Nexoned" Should Never Have Been A Thing, And Were All Acting Like Throwing Away Our Time And Money is a normal thing, and needs to acceptable by everyone playing this game. it is time for the GMS community to unite and boycott nexon untill changes happen.

    ALL Maplestory GMS Players Are Requested To NOT Charge NX Untill Things Start To Change. I Repeat, DO NOT FUND Nexon Untill Changes Start To Take Place in GMS! NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT!

    Spread The Word Reddit, upvote, comment, tell your guild and alliance, tell your friends and discord servers, it is happening, no more Shitposts. This Is IT.

    We Had ENOUGH

    LINK HERE:https://reddit.com/r/Maplestory/comments/rua4cp/official_gms_2022_boycott_it_is_time_for_this_to/

    As one of the longest boycotter in maple history ;) I say that if you wanna boycott we need some good demands.

    1st- Bring back world transfer event, last event destroyed half of the player base if we can get that half back to play this boycott can become a stronger one.

    2nd- Bring back exp events alot of people need more exp to reach faster goals I think it can help.

    3rd- Bring back and revamp all old school bosses, side bosses and pvp. I think having more to do and it being revamp and giving more exp would help bring the game to a better tier.

    4th- New guild stuff to do and guild bases. if we had this we would be able to do alot more kinda like ms2.

    5th- Free riza. only makes sense you need a voice.

    6th- perks and rewards people need some motivation ;)

    7th- new guild tournament!! we need a guild tournament like the magic games in fairy tail

    8th-in game gm team. alot of botters and alot of people need to go and having a in game team kinda like bean bigrade would be great also we can bring back gm events

    9th- maplestory review team and system. we must review stuff and how they are performing from gm to vfm and forums.

    10- make maplstory great again. put your red hats on people ;)
  • MapleStory Plushie?

    Vazdias wrote: »
    The MapleStory Plushies are on "Coming Soon" title for weeks, maybe months. Any idea when I will be able to purchase one?

    hope they make one who has a big voice ;)

    So since I have completed my tengu stuff and made most of my chars 73+closeness or higher I been on a daily been giving gifts. Today I had seen after the update that whatever happens took away 2 days worth of closeness -6 from my character :( .

    I have been failed and I need this fix asap I won't do the quest again to fill it up I want it back the way I had it on my chars :(


    Also, side note I had given a gift today it supposed to be 3+ closeness more than it was before again "NEXON U FAILED ME"
  • How does Ethereal Form work?

    Mawg wrote: »
    riza wrote: »
    Well as a mage you become invincible for 3 and sometimes more seconds.

    Also use the skill in lotus, magnus and damian to jump over my party members and act as a human shield to destroy trucks or metoers coming down on party. Overall great skill just have to use it when feel the time is right.

    And, if the timing is wrong, then it's crispy fried mage ;-)

    Thanks for the help, and suggestions of when to use it.

    well that's not entirely true i go on lucid runs all the time and when i get hit by sickle and use ethereal form I never die. Cause im a bishop if ur a bishop lumi or beast tamer while ur in form u have to heal while in the form so when u get out u can heal damage before dying.

    Also having a heavens door on u helps too so if u accidentally die the buff dies for u. Once u master the timing dying isnt a thing using that skill. when i do vellum runs some times i mess up and run on the wrong side during the blast and I usually end up walking through the blast unfazed.

    But i say the ethereal form is the ultimate mage skill for defense all it's about is timing going into form as well as what ur going to do when ur out of form. as long as you master timing and knowing what to do it be a skill that you would like.