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  • False bans back again?

    WONDERGUY wrote: »
    Ghiblee wrote: »
    Hi Maplers,
    We are aware of the recent false ban reports in the Community and are investigating the issue.
    We temporarily disabled banning accounts with this criteria and will continue to monitor during the investigation.
    If you were affected by the recent bans, please submit a ticket to our Customer Support (https://support-maplestory.nexon.net/).
    If you've already submitted a ticket, there is no need to submit a ticket again.
    Thank you for the patience!


    its shame that we are still dealing with autoban system...
    we need GMs and GM teams and this autoban system converted to flag/alert system tool for GM team
    even if you adjust the system criteria again hackers will find out what amount of trades get them ban and avoid do that
    (hackers allready know exacatly what trigers this false ban , they are the one that said first about this)
    at end we just get to deal with more false autobans like usual
    ticket system has no idea whats going on and repeat same messages like broken record
    (i guess its already full from all the false baned players and hackers with fake unban requests...)

    F to another false ban wave and all the legit players that got affected enjoy your off time and bebe box at end if that hahahah

    I had to put this in a spoiler so a big wall of text isn't there but I agree with you. I was in favor of in-game gm's which monitor and record these things before bans. Also, a human would have better judgment than a robot.

    Also I feel that with bans should come honesty which means actually giving players reports "don't have to give out sensitive company info" but something to let us know what we did and the causes for our bans.

    I feel a lot of stress and anxiety hit players hard when ban as they were in the unknown and what if the bans weren't lifted what would have been the state of mind of those players?

    I'm in favor of honesty and good deeds and hope this massive ban will help them fix the system so legit players won't be punished for a selected few.

    I am glad we still have our voices ;)

  • False bans back again?

    Algodona wrote: »
    We are legitimate and we have dedicated a lot of time, effort and love to MapleStory, it is not fair that this type of thing happens and we are not heard !! In short, this is a lack of respect for all players whether or not they have this problem.

    No more false positives !! And if for some reason they forbid me for this type of comments, it means that they are reading us and they are not acting.

    "I AM LEGIT !!!!"


    love the design and love the passion put in it I seen it worked and Nexon has unbanned people.

    Thank you for being a voice of the voiceless.
  • False Ban Reports 6/22

    I guess the voiceless now have voices tanks Nexon for listening to our voice and not leaving us voiceless ;)
  • False Ban Reports 6/22

    you guys I know how you feel I spoke to a lot of maplers who got ban "ALOT" and it gets me mad as well as a lot of those people invested so much into the game only to be denied it and not even heard.

    But I hope you guys get unban and your voices are heard as it's not fair to invest so much into the game to only be ban for whatever the reason is being told.

    I never hacked a day in my life and never will but if I logged on to see that I would go off. But yeah hope you guys get the justice you guys deserve.
  • False bans back again?

    DeathsLie wrote: »
    This happened the other day to my best friend. We've been playing together for the last like 13 years and recently she has been logging and having to afk alot because she is a new mom and has to take care of her baby. She is getting the run around from nexon. They are basically not helping her nor looking into it. Her husband says if they cant get her unbanned then he is quitting too so I'll be losing both friends in the game. I'm super bummed about it. I've been playing this game since it was released and I love it but I have lost faith in nexon as a company I feel like they only care about making money and dont care about their longtime faithful players. I think if she doesn't get her account back I'm finally gonna give up on maplestory. It's unfair how they are treating this and I'm terrified I'll end up banned because I lag so much since I live in a rural area and have use my mobile hotspot as internet. Good luck to those who are affected. Hopefully if there is enough outcry they will be forced to listen to people.

    This has been happening to many people and I have to say the same thing a lot of legit players have been getting ban and like her husband, I feel the same way the only way they listen is if we stop playing period when they falsely ban people. I stand with the maplers and voices in this game.

    If they can ban legit players and not the hackers or botters then it a game I have no business playing period. That is where I stand rn as a lot of people I know who been playing legit for the same amount of years as your friend had been ban.

    So I stand with the legit players who been hit with the bans and already am ready to leave if that's how they doing it.