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  • How does Ethereal Form work?

    Well as a mage you become invincible for 3 and sometimes more seconds. How do you use this skill?

    You use it when you see your going to get hit with something u know u cant survive. When i boss run on bishop when vellum or lucid dragon does breath i use the skill to absorb damage so i can stay alive.

    Also use the skill in lotus, magnus and damian to jump over my party members and act as a human shield to destroy trucks or metoers coming down on party. Overall great skill just have to use it when feel the time is right.
  • What's (the point of) Your Maplestory?

    CMKyrios wrote: »
    It's mainly just a community spotlight! It doesn't take our community team more than a few hours of work to compile each monthly edition and write up and I think it's a nice digest to read for our players who regularly check the website.

    The same way we provide a spotlight monthly to appreciate fan art, but in this case it's the individual players themselves.

    So if I write one I can get a monthly spotlight too :O
  • Greetings from CM Kyrios

    CMKyrios wrote: »
    Hello Maplers!

    Starting today, I’ll be joining the MapleStory team as a second Community Manager alongside CM Ghiblee. Given the sheer size and scope of the game’s community we decided it would help to have additional coverage on the MapleStory team, thus here I am!

    Some of you may recognize me as the former Community Manager from MapleStory 2 and more recently, the interim Community Manager for Mabinogi while their CM was away. It’s exciting to be joining an established game, community, and team. I’m also really happy to see a lot of familiar faces here in MapleStory!

    I’ve only begun playing the game myself recently, so please be patient while I take time acclimating in a new game and environment. For the curious, I chose Hoyoung as my first class and have been enjoying it a lot! Please don’t hesitate to provide some tips or tricks for me to learn the game faster.

    I’ll also be making a brief appearance in the upcoming livestream this Friday as well, so be sure to stop by and say hello!

    Looking forward to the future together.

    lol I can finally login again but welcome back to Nexon kyrios hope u enjoy your time in ms1. If u need any tips I can help or get the veteran mapler too ;)
  • 2020 DMT Suggestions, Feedback and Request

    As a reboot player and a player among ms I think reboot had an issue today that needs to be addressed. I want to let all reboot players know we are here with them and support justice for their issue today.

    I think a lot of stuff been happening and would like to hear about it and some solutions as I don't really know what Nexon doing. I hope we can solve it soon and hope something happens as free to win is great ;)
  • 4th of July

    Happy independence day my fellow maplers "MURICA" hope you all enjoy this day and have a piece of liberty today ;)