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  • ANNA here your solution!

    I think there could be a better solution then that. But as it stands they will keep nerfing kanna til the class is no more and same for rest of classes that hackers use.

    Im confident it a issue that can be solved with in game gm's patrolling recording and manually banning the people. But I have many ideas how they could do it, but a waste to say as I doubt they listen.

    Great idea though just don't think they like good ideas though.
  • Anti-AFK mobs and Lag

    honestly, I don't know what to say about this game anymore, to be honest. but most I can say is just hope they get it together.

    I invested a lot into this game but I do feel that the creators and people who run it just don't care and will bother really fixing the experience.

    But that's from my experience playing in laggy servers, having hackers and scammers ruin the game, and just overall bad experience.

    Just hope the update rise helps us riz a to it and get back on track.
  • Returning to Maple Story

    POXPOWER wrote: »

    I'm returning to Maple Story and noticed things were different than 6 years ago, I forgot mostly everything but I still know some basic stuff.

    I'm currently playing on Reboot server with a level 91 Kinesis. Would there be anybody willing to make new friends or show me around a bit?


    gl finding help and friendly people am in reboot but prefer bera better :D

    also welcome to maple hope u enjoy ur stay ;)
  • Guilds and party/friends

    Hi, I'm a new player, just started Maplestory couples days ago, I am level 146 Kinesis in Elysium. I am still very new to the mechanics and stuff in the game and hope to find some guilds I can join. You know, to party up and boss fight together, those kinda of things. If anyone in the same server would you mind add friend me? My name is the same as username: Shinshinchan.

    Thank you very much

    Welcome to Maplestory and I hope you enjoyed it so far. I used to be in Elysium before the world transfer event, I say that guilds wise you should check out fallenstarz as I know they are still active.

    Theres other guilds too like Spanish and other friendly guilds, but I would vouche for that one as others may not be active. I have a guild in Elysium as well called Dragontribe.

    But yeah Elysium really quite but there are still people there.
  • Guild Skill revamps Nexon NOW!!! ;)

    WONDERGUY wrote: »
    new GPQ and guild tab remake its still on hold for a while
    familiar drama its going to delay things even more :(

    lets hope of quality changes this anniversary and less lootbox tricks or cashshop update only

    Thanks for this information I had seen this rise update luckily I have more free time now so I can start training again. I also saw that arcanes are now cheaper so I wonder what the market will be now.

    As for the guild revamp I wish that it could be a possible thing as I do want the skills to be usable. I saw they took out skills that weren't used so that's alright. Guild gathering I used in khaini when my guild had 200/200 members on and ally but now it seems the skill underused in bera.

    I hope that they upgrade skills and really take opportunity to fix ms1 while one of there brands is closing. I feel that the world leaping in another post is something I really look for as I can bring my brothers and hopefully guildmates in another server over to merge with our bera guild.