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  • I miss the 2 exp & drop weekends :c

    bumbertyr wrote: »
    @bumbertyr - I sincerely want to know what you know about that, with the why and how the "starting up" is the root of the 2x lag issue. I was always under the impression that it was due to too much player activity at once overloading their server capability.

    ask @Its2sharp4u he experienced it too. the moment 2x "turned on" the lag would practically double.

    It's hard to prove it when 2x EXP/DROP hasn't happen anymore for the past 2 weekends and the fact everyone may not experience the same issues. But from memory when I was in the middle of killing mobs and the transitions from before 2x to after 2x gave me the results of "the moment 2x "turned on" the lag would practically double".
  • late to the cra game

    Spell Traces are a safer quick way to get started.

    With Chaos Scrolls there will be an bigger loss trying to aim for such stats due to being RNG dependent. If you're planning to use Return Scrolls the cost would skyrocket.

    Here's a thread I found using Google Search:
    Scrolling cra gear with spell traces v/s Chaos of goodness?

    I don't know the math for when it's actually worth but it's probably not a fixed value and dependent on your current stats according to this, if it's up-to-date:

    maplewiki.net | Attack Vs Stats
  • Celestial Earrings

    Those Earrings may be obtainable in the Bonus Stage Amos’ Vault from Amoria Party Quest which requires you to be married to participate.

    There's a lack of information on this Earring in general so take this with a grain of salt.
  • the afterlands...old tombstone maker

    Do you have any incomplete quests for The Afterlands?
  • kinesis

    I believe only explorers can return to Maple Island through Olaf in Lith Harbor.

    If you meant Maple World then I'm not too sure. You may have to do all the tutorial quests up to ending up in the Magician's Association.