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for anyone that wants to help list of suggestions


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  • Your top 3 Maple memories!

    well my best moments are

    1~ When Pirate {Brawler} class came out
    cause i dont like &/or relate to any class at all before and after
    the brawling & martial arts based fighter came out sadly nexon ruined the class but thats for another post

    2~ when i managed to reach the old cap of 2,147,483,647 damage with a single punch in game

    3~ when i found someone with nearly unlimited will power to keep up stalking me through a lot of the hardest paths in the game for nothing in return
  • Drop Rate changes KMS patch 1.2.275

    Corrupting wrote: »
    That's horrible...

    agree... this could destroy or fix the market and playerbase wow....
  • [suggestion]Extra options in the nexon launcher

    can we have something like in the option settings of the game the option to have a region selected to play from the start? it could help to make short the time in order to get in the game {yea the image its made with paint lol}

  • Dissapointed the "5th" Job for [Buccaneer]

    Yes and the reason is that after soo much time teasing the community about it they are not even releasing something complete or new for the class i main since the very release

    all they did was recycle a skill and thats not the worst about it the cherry in the cake this time its the fact that "Super" tranform its not something amazing at all

    its laughtable how in 2 years the developers did not even use the true sprites and animations to actually make tranform look imposing

    all every buccaneer got its an ugly and simple base attemp of a normal standing animation and walking aswell
    and 1 extra sprite set for a mediocre energy ball "attack"

    i have endured the nerfs of this class and the removal of its core after the bigbang its a pain i still bear i suppose
    but i had hope in the devs and yet they still manage to dissapoint me everytime again and again
    looking for that "balanced game" that they dont even care about to begin with unless it brings in real currency

    now for what the actuall transform had ill make a simple list to tell
    before the bigbang the buccaneers had for tranform
    {~a complete and rather imposing stand animation
    {~a running animation instead of the normal walking they made for the ""5th"" yea cause i still think its not something that deserves the title of 5th job at all
    {~ a special animation for when you jump and climb ropes it looked like samus aran energy ball
    {~ each gender had their own set of sprites for every single animation in fight and out of combat yes males had short hair and women had long hair
    {~ a special animations for when you used chairs and mounts
    {~ also a combat stance like animation
    {~ and we had in my opinion one of the best skill animations instead of octopunch where you see an "energy ghost" using a lame lazer
    you actually saw your character moving and doing uppercuts jabs and a even a dragon punch like any actual karate relate character
    {~and back then when you had the real super transfor your character was attacking soo fast that even you wont see the actual attacks
    that was Demolition

    i wish they had the forums fixed so i could show what actually buccaneers had back then instead of this embarrasing ridiculous simple and bitter even
    attemp of a work this i guess its still on progress so i hope they actually fix this ... thing please nexon stop why you hate the buccaneers so much?
  • Maplestory V Update Stream: Question Thread

    Buccaneers "5th job" skill transform will be only the male sprites? or will have both genders

    image image
    LairThe Blue CorsairJuly