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  • Suicide Kanna Issues

    Aggraphine wrote: »
    And as I said prior, which you completely ignored:

    Why are you so adverse to having debates? No one is obligated in this life to agree with everything you say.

    There's a difference between disagreeing and baiting for an argument.
    I don't feel like arguing with you. You seem to be the type of person that wouldn't mind this thread turning into a 20 page back and forth arguing over the definition of "is".
  • Suicide Kanna Issues

    Neospector wrote: »
    Squrix wrote: »

    Nexon does not condone suiciding to maintain your level, and excessive suiciding has, in the past, led to bans because of how it's used by bots and hackers.
    Your best bet is, as the GM said, to play the game normally. If you have to ask if something is against the rules, the safest option is not to do it.

    Your only option is to keep appealing, but ultimately it's Nexon's decision as to whether you remain banned or not.

    But...that's stupid.
    It's not in any way abusive for a legit player to use this method.
    Just because a bot can do it doesn't mean you should prohibit players.
    That's not just indifference to players, it's outright player-hostile.
    I don't even play reboot, but banning players for utilizing an in-game non-bug feature to their advantage is utterly ridiculous.
    If your auto-ban system is unable to differentiate legitimate player behavior and bot behavior, then don't implement the autoban on that behavior.

    It is rare for me to harshly criticize like this, but this is just plain and simple unethical behavior from a game moderation standpoint. If death EXP loss can be "abused", then adjust the system, don't ban players for utilizing it.
  • The new maplestory achievements and goals thread

    Solo'd Normal Horntail on my beginner for the first time.
    Took about 30 minutes. Weapon Cancel is awful.


    Some things learned:
    -Thought I would need to add legion power stance in order to consistently stay up on the platforms, but my avoid from being much higher level than HT + having a ton of LUK/DEX from allstat equips gave me pseudo stance. Only got knocked down a few times.
    -Had to use a polearm to reach HT's arms and heads, since my main weapon is a dagger. I need to finish scrolling my surfboard and get decent potential on it. The difference in damage is sadly noticeable.
    -The flying wyvern summons have wonky hitboxes.
    -Need to move my mount to another key. There's some strange latency keeping it on 'X'
    -DSE would probably be better than DSI for my gloves.
  • Normal Cygnus Boss Solo for Evan

    You can kill her with that range, fairly easily.

    she drops way more than easy.
  • Please adjust Pink Bean Prequest for Beginner

    I main my Beginner character and have run into an issue for a long time with the Pink Bean prequest.
    I'm able to do every other boss (outside of Arcane River), but Pink Bean's prequest has an issue for me.
    Part of the Memory Keeper's section requires your character to speak to their first job advancement NPC. Obviously, as a Beginner, I don't have one.
    I've even tried using a remote quest completer to no avail.


    This is the only part of the questline that requires something like this.

    For other quests in the game, beginners do have special handling. Many quests around Ludi, for example, give beginner-specific rewards, and the Zakum boss prequest allows beginners to participate by having them talk to the warrior job instructor.

    What I'd like is the same to happen here -- if the quest could just default to an NPC like Dances with Balrog if an appropriate NPC could not be found.
    I know this change would only impact a handful of people, but it feels like such a shame that I can do every other part of this quest except this one, meaning I can't ever go with friends to Pink Bean/Chaos Pink Bean.