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So many bugs need to squashed in this game...


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  • If you got the mic at the MapleStory Fest Q&A...

    How did Nexon come to the conclusion that changing Haku's Blessing to a flat magic attack buff was the best possible solution to the complaints about the skill?

    We were told that Nexon would continue to monitor Kanna's performance and community feedback, and yet 6 months later we have heard nothing from Nexon despite constant criticism that the change not only failed to address the original complaints about the party effect but it simultaneously tanked Kanna's individual damage.

    How much more time and information does Nexon need before deciding to properly address this issue?

    In short, what was Nexon thinking when they made the decision to nerf Haku the way they did?
  • [Announcement] Regarding Kanna's Haku's Blessing

    Arwoo wrote: »
    We will be sure to monitor all points pertaining to Kanna's performance in-game in conjunction with the community's feedback for additional discussions regarding the class' balance in the future.
    Yeah, we just passed the 5-month mark since the nerf has implemented and still we haven't heard back from Nexon.

    This is more than just a little frustrating. If the other classes had had their damaged halved people would have kicked up a bigger storm, but since most people just use her as a kish/meso mule, they don't care.
  • What is Your Main and Why Do You Play It?

    sad us DA's don;t get much love these days are 5th job skills are niche or too dangerous to use, summon mastema being one the worst, to invest soo much to max that skill out for a summon that adds hardly any damage like completely negligible and she doesn;t really help our survivability either. I swear the skill should be a toggle where u can hagve her out 100% up time and her little shield skill just have a cd on it, that would make it actually useful =)

    I feel you. My theory is Nexon see them KMS DPM charts and see DA's up near the top so they don't do anything for the class.

    The 5th job skills are so bad most of the time that I've taken Demonic Blast of my keyboard and Fenzy only gets used when a boss is bound. I was hoping to get a decent mobbing move or something since Lunar Slash gets boring on the road to 250.

    Base spawn rates and mob density should probably be addressed in more of the late game maps but it is a hard subject to approach because both Kishin and Frenzy Totems were introduced to deal with spawns. One problem is now both of those end up generating money for Nexon and increasing the base rates too much could lead to players spending less.

    Not sure I agree with any of your points.
    1. There are already a lot of high-level Kannas out there and this would probably infuriate those who have spent time and money on Kanna. The skills cooldown would kill its use for many if it were significantly lower than the skill duration.
    2. I don't think this would be a smart business move for Nexon and highly doubt they would do it.
    3. I have already discussed the base spawn rates briefly. As for turning Kishin into a damage buff, I highly disagree. Haku needs to be returned to a %Magic Attack self-buff. Kannas current weakened state should not be remedied by further nerfing her toolkit.
  • Festival Nova Box Drop rate?

    Still took 90+ minutes for my Kanna to get 250 boxes with 98% drop + DHS + Big Spider.

    That's a fair bit longer than I want to spend, especially for a character with some drop gear. 250 boxes is going to be quite hard on players without it.