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So many bugs need to squashed in this game...


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  • Kanna's V job

    No, you are going to have to level Yuki up. Inner abilities, Legion effects, etc. that increase buff duration don't affect things like Hyper Skills, 5th Job Skills and any other skills that specifically states so.

    What I don't know is how Node Slot upgrades from the V Care patch next week is going to affect things like duration. Potentially you may be able to get a slight duration increase that way as well since it is raising the level of the node in that particular slot.

    Assuming you have just a level 1 Yuki node and you level up a Node Slot to 5, you'd effectively have a level 6 Yuki. That would increase the duration from 35 seconds to 38 seconds.
  • So...

    Don't worry about it, I'm sure the botters will easily get that for us.
  • Adding V-Matrix Safeguards

    Disassembly Mode has been a great help in reducing the burden on players when disassembling nodes, but it is missing some important safeguards.

    Currently, if the player has a node already selected it is not automatically deselected when entering Disassembly Mode. This is potentially dangerous for players as they must always remain vigilant in deselecting nodes before using this feature. If for example, a player has just enhanced a node and then decides to enter Disassembly Mode, the node they had just worked on would still be selected and the player might end up destroying something they had just worked on.

    You can see this happening below:

    Here are a few suggestions for an improved V-Matix.
    • When entering Disassembly Mode, the currently selected node(s) will be automatically deselected.
    • When in disassembly mode, the selected nodes should turn red. The current white/blue outline does not have good visibility.

    • When a leveled node is chosen for disassembly a warning should popup either immediately or when the player goes confirm. This window should probably appear independently for each leveled node selected.

    • Node locking: A lock icon would appear in the Selected Nodes dialogue box. Clicking on it would either lock or unlock the node. This lock feature would prevent the node from being used as either material for upgrading nodes or from being disassembled. I'm unsure if a node should be allowed to be enhanced while locked so long as the materials aren't locked themselves, however, I can see there could be a reason not to. This feature could also go a step further by requiring a PIN/Password to unlock nodes.
    I believe with these safeguards in place, most instances of accidental disassembly can be avoided.

    Aside from the things I mentioned, the only thing left would be for Nexon to develop the tools necessary to recover lost nodes in case the safeguard I have proposed fail or are circumvented. My understanding is that these tools don't currently exist despite 5th Job being introduced nearly a year and a half ago.

    If you have any comments, suggestions or just want to vent about your experiences with the V-Matrix, feel free to leave a comment down below.
  • If you got the mic at the MapleStory Fest Q&A...

    We recently received the ability to use 2 chair bags, but that didn't even scratch the surface of the issue.

    Can you give us some insight on how the team is planning to tackle the constant lack of inventory space created by adding new untradeable event items? NX equips that can't be placed in the CS inventory, event titles, chairs, nebulites, soul fragments, a dozen different types of power elixirs and more are clogging our inventories.
  • Poor maple anniversary

    I don't think that this event is bad necessarily, but I can't really see it as an anniversary event. Nothing really calls back on the history of Maplestory, there's no reflection nor is there anything that is more forward-looking. Right now the event only feels like a loosely space themed event, which at any other time would be fine.

    Oh and @Neospector since you brought up the Noble set, could you tell me if the Maple Galaxy equipment set is similar in that you can't move the items to the cash shop? I'd love to get them, but if they only clog up my inventory I'll probably pass.