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So many bugs need to squashed in this game...


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  • Sugar Time Rigged or Not?

    Well at least with maple m, they post the odds. If those odds are anything to go by "obtainable" might only be technically correct, as in the items really are in the prize pool but have odds like 6 one-thousandths of a percent chance.

    This wasn't the worst sugar time we've had, free royals and a pet, but most people are going to walk away a little disappointed.
  • Kanna banned

    The problem is that the OP's first sentence is poorly constructed due to the use of "it". "It" likely refers to "my kanna" but could also refer to "delay hack."

    On to the OP's questions, I don't believe we are going to be allowed to talk about how these hacks work specifically but my interpretation from seeing people post gifs/vids complaining about the kanna bots. The hack removes the delay between attacks for certain skills and kanna has a skill or skills that this works for. Yes, people get banned for using it, though with all the complaints about kanna bots it seems like not enough. Are there any false positives? Possibly, but you'd likely need video proof of the last 10 minutes or more showcasing no foul play and even then it might not help.
  • Questions Regarding to Lab Server Legion Block

    I really do hope it is a typo and the requirement is level 200. That is at least doable. 250 and Nexon should probably be paying us to play since it seems like they want Maple to be a fulltime job.
  • Reboot NA>EU Region Transfer

    Yeah, while I don't see a transfer happening, I also don't see many established players moving to EUReboot. The cost of restarting on a new server just outweighs the potential benefits. If the goal of the new Reboot server was to offload some of the population and provide a better service for EU players, I am suspect to Nexon's ability to accomplish this. It will be okay for new EU players so long as they are comfortable slogging through everything without any high level players help.
  • [Announcement] Regarding Kanna's Haku's Blessing

    I don't think anyone here is under the delusion that the GMS team will fix Haku on their own accord but that our posts here, on Discord, Reddit or wherever else are done to bring constant attention to the issue in hopes that the GMS team will forward our complaints to the people at Nexon who can make a difference. As the saying goes: The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

    With flames, Kannas are no longer drowning in a pool of their own blood but it isn't like it cured the underlying issues.

    As to comparing Kanna versus Illium, or any other class; well, there isn't much point without knowing the specifics about each individual player. While each class plays differently and every person has different skill levels, if two players of similar stats were compared and there is a massive difference in completion time for a boss that can't obviously be disregarded as one player have vastly worse mechanics than the other, the two should have relatively similar times.

    The best comparison I can think of for Haku is Hero's Advanced Combo Orb. A nerf to ACO, where the final damage is replaced with flat 10 attack per orb would mirror what happened to Haku fairly close. Yes, with all the 5th job skills and with flames, the class would still be playable but it would be an absolutely massive set back. This kind of overly broad "balancing" is lazy and unhealthy, but that is what happened to Haku. I consider Hero to be in a great position right now, and with the coming Black update, the class will get even better, but I don't really think it needs a nerf at this point. Should the time come for Hero's to be under the nerf spotlight, I hope that Nexon takes a far more nuanced approach.