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So many bugs need to squashed in this game...


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  • perm. closure of Mr. Lee's event. wilderness buff?

    If you think they are primarily closing Mr. Lee's due to the Wilderness Buff, why would you think they would buff Onyx Apples?

    I agree that is a bad change, one that seems to once again target non-KMS content. But, I don't see them doing anything to make things better. Nexon seems to take the one step forward two steps back approach to everything.
  • Lab Server Legion Block Reward Clarification

    Hopefully, the goal of 250 is revised because it is both insane and doesn't conform to the event as it was hosted in other regions.

    If you want to send some merch or something else special to Daxi and whoever else ends up hitting 250 (legitimately) great! But the unrealistic expectation for players to hit 250 on a temporary server was too much.
  • give us shares in nexon america when we buy NX plz

    Stop. You're being ridiculous.

    Purchasing a companies product does not give you a stake in that company, that not how it works.
    Want a stake in Nexon? Buy stock; they are a publicly traded company.
  • [Announcement] Regarding Kanna's Haku's Blessing

    Today marks the not so happy 10-month anniversary of the Haku nerf.

    During this time there has been no communication from anyone at Nexon about anything related to Kanna. Players have reached out time and again only to have been ignored at every turn. No data has ever been provided to support this "balancing" despite repeated calls for that information to be provided. This issue and others like how flames interact with certain gear make it appear that Nexon has contempt for non-KMS content. I can find no other explanation.

    I'm not going to go through and list out our grievances, there are already 14 pages in this thread to see them, or on some other social media platform. I will say this however, the promise by Nexon
    Arwoo wrote: »
    We will be sure to monitor all points pertaining to Kanna's performance in-game in conjunction with the community's feedback for additional discussions regarding the class' balance in the future.
    has gone unfulfilled.

    I'm disappointed. I'm disappointed in the balancing team, the QA team, the communications team, marketing team and more. They have completely and utterly failed.

  • [Reboot] Level-Adaptive Meso Gain via Passive (v3)

    Excellent idea. Getting the population to spread out, people to play the classes they actually want to play, and in general not having to treat Maplestory as a fulltime job, would do wonders for the game.

    The only issue that would still remain is the poor mob spawning. People would still be farming on Kanna or with a kishin mule but that is something that also needs to be addressed (and I say that as someone who actually mains Kanna).