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  • Maple Memo Response?

    Change gollux restock to match when it's actually obtainable so it looks like you guys have an idea of what you're doing. Why would sup gear restock weekly when you need 3 weeks to a month get enough coins?

    Price of familiar booster packs. Talked about a lot but 7500 points per booster pack? 7500 hours per booster pack. On top of that mages need to rely on this or paying the nx for the beach medal which is the only way the medals give you matk. Having a matk reliant class completely locked out of getting matk boost is a pretty **** move.
  • Familiar Rollback Issue 4/21

    Ghiblee wrote: »
    If you are already affected by this issue prior to this notice, please submit a ticket to our Support team.

    Also on the same support page regarding familiar rollbacks, it says to not put a ticket in if I was affected. I lost 3 red familiar potential reset (6packs) purchased via Maple points. Should I or should I not put a ticket in?

    "A support ticket does not need to be created if you experienced a rollback for familiars or familiar upgrades. We appreciate your continued patience."

    Edit : I was refunded via Maple points in full.
  • Nexon, pls buff Phantom

    As a bishop player, I would like to say stop crying.

    But since that's not going to help, think about why you chose phantom in the first place.

    For example, I went with bishop because the game is overloaded with dps players and not enough supports. I doubt that I'd have the damage so I went with a character that could help enhance others. With enough time and slowly gearing up, I'm at a point where I'm working towards normal lucid solo by practicing mechanics. This is as a bishop, a class thats constantly bottom of KMS dps charts.

    There should be something that drew you to phantom in the first place and you should find what that was because a chart doesn't dictate how good a class is, you do.
  • Internal solution vs clientside solution

    Daxterbeer wrote: »
    i rather have phone verification in place to prevent new botters from joining in so easily. I know it will hinder some legits getting into the game, but it would prevent gold farmers from easily popping up since there is an extra step required between bans.

    Literally at this point in time, even if it effs over people that don't have cellphones the game is so unplayable that limiting those players to the trash channels would even be better.

    Do that then you can address the fact that people can't run 2PC via lowering cost of fury or increasing use time of fury.
  • Internal solution vs clientside solution

    All these years the solution to combat bots have been done on the client end through gameguard and aggressive cheat detection.

    "If player uses cool down skills too repeatedly DC or ban" -> with the overflow of bots, the servers are laggy to begin with which means that the calculation for apply CD takes longer than immediately which means users can spam skills they aren't supposed to, which then when the connection is restored the anti-hack says hey you used a fma 5 times when you are only supposed to use it once you hacker and boots you out.

    "Finishing runes or keypress events too quickly bans you" -> your proposed solution to instant rune clear hacks. You do realize that in order for your anti-cheats to even work you need to have your anti-cheats software which is bypassed to even apply to the bots right?

    There's tons more which all have been solutions which tackle players who find exploits in the game but does nothing when it comes to people who can bypass the game guard software in the first place.

    So rather than tackling the hacking problem from within in-game means, why not tackle it from outside?

    For example, create a new entry in the database for the age of the account. Limit any accounts which are age 730 days (2 years) or less to channel 19-20. Essentially lockout new bots/players to those two channels or even 11-20.

    After this you can test via live production for server stability. Right now Bera is so unplayable that spirit savior or even chu chu (required to progress might I add) is completely unplayable. A piece of content in your game which is required to better your character is UNPLAYABLE. I've only logged in after maintenance because that's the only time that the game runs the way it's supposed to.

    Does this suck for new players? Yes, but I would much rather be able to actually enjoy playing this game rather than A) have the game so laggy that I literally login try to kill a mob and then wait a good 7s for it to die. B ) be in constant fear of getting auto banned because what the server sees is not what the client sees.

    Could you kindly stop wasting time trying to auto ban bots and instead focus on creating an actual playable environment for the current player base? If you're planning on merging alliances, you're not only going to get these issues from Bera but all the merged servers as well because the bot population will increase.