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  • Why are mounts not allowed in boss content?

    Until I switched over to playing a bishop, I used Mir mount's glide/fj exactly like how I used to before they only made it accessible as a mount.

    There were some situations in which the fj was more favorable over teleport and vert jump into glide was usable as a dodge.

    Explorer mages(minus RI'd bishop) tele is at the mercy of the server stability. Kanna's dash is on a CD, the tele is even more server sided along with a massive delay.

    Then there's j.e.t.t.

    I'm for giving classes more mobility options. There's already a risk in usage through larger hitboxes, the mount/dismount time anyway.
  • Boss Bugs?

    PirateIzzy wrote: »
    L4d2jpn wrote: »

    Server sided issues, again it's annoying and but it is out of anyone's control if the servers are a dying mess. If you know the servers aren't holding up act reactively to this. Use your iframes.

    Implying all classes have iframes (rip Wind Archers and Night Lords)


    Sorry I'm a mage player. I'll edit.
  • Best populated servers.

    Reboot - free to play. Massive time commitment. No trading with others.

    Bera - normal servers. Items available to purchase from others. Shortcuts available through real money usage. Endgame equip purchases from others usually have to be done outside of ingame means as the price is much higher than that of ingame max.

    Scania - 2nd most populated normal.

    There is no easier server. Just decide on whether you want to put time or money into the game and how far you want to go. If you just want to casually play and you're looking for people then reboot is more populated.
  • [Arcane River] Anti-AFK mobs spawn location

    When the pot lock mobs are not currently spawned in the map and a user enters the map the anti-afk mob will spawn right on top of them. Can this be changed to have the mobs have a static spawn somewhere in the map that's not right in the middle of your character?
  • What's Your Favorite Cygnus Knights' Jobs?

    I'd go with TB.