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So many bugs need to squashed in this game...


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  • [Announcement] Regarding Kanna's Haku's Blessing

    Holas2 wrote: »
    what do you guys think Kanna's new 5th? it's pretty hard to use it effectively during the boss fight since the circle only going up

    I've seen quite a few players giving it a ton of praise. For me, it's just passable. Not really the skill I though Kanna's needed, and certainly not one that addresses her current issues. It doesn't really address any shortcomings to Kanna mobbing either; it added about 8% to my overall DPS, which isn't bad but it's not amazing. If we lose kishin, I'd expect that number to drop. There is also a pretty high chance you'll be proccing the skill on some of the upper platforms of a map and that pretty much wastes a cast of it.

    To me, the convenience of not having to cast the skill is outweighed by the inconvenience of not being able to cast it on demand. Since most of the endgame bosses have smaller hitboxes and don't stay put all that often it can be difficult to set up properly. Kanna's have a bunch of set up they already have to do with domain, barriers, burst, and bind, having to manually track this 25-second timer on top is quite annoying. It would be nice if I could check the cooldown somehow but even then it'd only be just slightly less so. The damage here is fine in an ideal situation.

    My few other complaints:
    I'm not a fan of the circle's size variation.
    AFK mobs tend to cause me to burn my first use, and I don't really want to be accidentally casting it when I CC. Don't want to tick off players.
    The skill moves fast, a 30% reduction in the travel speed would actually help quite a bit. Or, when in contact with mobs, it reduces its speed.
    Kinda disappointed we weren't able to proc the skill multiple times.

    It is not a bad skill, I'm just not completely thrilled with it.
  • Increase 40-Slot Chair Bag Purchase Limit

    While I support the idea it is just a band-aid solution.

    Nexon really needs to invest time into Maplestory's inventory system. Chairs, titles and more, clog our inventories and really need to be moved to their own UI, where there is no limit on the number of items in that category. Medals are almost taken care of but we still end up with certain ones that are not added to our collection UI, taking up valuable space.
  • Ban Data from 11/01/2018 ~ 11/07/2018

    As Nexon knows, one of the issues with trying to report hackers is that they have the ability to nearly instantly change channels, enter the cash shop, or quit the game. This can make it very difficult to grab their name to report in-game or through customer support. It would be handy if when using the report feature, the name of the last player, other than yourself, was saved. This would help mitigate some of their ability to evade player detection.
  • [Announcement] Regarding Kanna's Haku's Blessing

    It's the big day, our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of the Haku nerf.

    Unfortunately, things are really no better now than they were a year ago. Despite promises to monitor Kanna's performance, there has been no movement to better balance the class. All we have are some vague hints that Nexon will use the feedback to "guide" them on the development of new 5th job skills, where the class ranks in popularity, power, etc will be taken into account. Sadly, data regarding popularity will likely be misleading. The class is not very popular to main or play normally, but due to it being at the top of the one computer solo farming meta and being used by a large majority of players on a second computer as a way to increase spawn rates for their mains, the number of characters is massively inflated. Maybe someone has realized this, but considering Nexon past actions I'm unconvinced.

    There's also the unspecified information about kishin coming soon, and I've seen an increasing number of people complain about our bind duration. Both will likely result in further nerfs without any recourse.

    I'm really just tired of non-KMS classes being treated as second-class citizens. There's no reason these issues should have dragged on so long. It took another 3 months and two patches for weapon drops from Hard bosses to get fixed, and then the players affected are told by support after being strung along that we're just going to have to do those bosses again and hope that a new weapon drops.

    Honestly, if things aren't better once the Black update is fully out, I'm probably going to close my fan and call it.

  • KMS vs Black Mage - The Result

    The Black Mage actually wins since he's killing off a whole bunch of content.