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  • Hello, There seems to be an issue where players would disconnect when using damage reflecting skills. We have the following class/skill info as of now: 1. Kanna - Haku/Foxfire 2. Hero - Rage 3. Phantom - Rage 4. Cannoneer - Counter Crush 5. De…
  • Hello, Could you specify which quests and items for reference? Additionally, can you please double check the said quest items are not in your inventory already (it's easy to miss if your pet is looting)? Certain quest items may have low drop rates…
  • Kainu wrote: » -Snip- Glad the log in issue was resolved! Since we just addressed this issue earlier today, our Support team may be reviewing and taking action on the items now. We'll notify our Support team of such cases as well as your ticke…
  • Commenting here as well! We've deployed a fix few minutes ago at 1:30 PM PST (January 28). Please try logging into the affected character again and let us know if you still experience this issue.
  • Kainu wrote: » -snip- Definitely understand the frustration and we apologize for the misleading information on our webposts. Our teams have been trying their best to resolve the issues as soon as we can, however, we are aware there were time-se…
  • Hi everyone, We've deployed a fix few minutes ago at 1:30 PM PST (January 28). Please try logging into the affected character again and let us know if you still experience this issue!
  • We've deployed a fix few minutes ago at 1:30 PM PST (January 28). Please try logging into the affected character again and let us know if you still experience this issue.
  • Thank you for the information! Players who logged in between 6 AM and 11 AM PST may have experienced the issue where the character wasn't able to be transferred due to the Auction House error message (If you didn't log in to your character during …
  • The Minor Patch maintenance ended at 2:08 PM PST. If you still experience this issue afterward. please let us know. We did confirm that players can make purchases from the shop properly so if you still receive the error message, it may to due to ot…
  • This issue was addressed during our Minor Patch maintenance today (January 27). However, we've received few reports that the transferred Burning World characters that previous had this Auction House error issue are unable to be logged into. If tha…
  • Hello, Could you please confirm if your transferred Burning World character was previously blocked from leaping due to the Auction House error message? Additionally, please provide us with your IGN (in-game name) and world of the affected characte…
  • Robotynick wrote: » -snip- IGN is In-game name of the character!
  • Robotynick wrote: » -snip- Could you please provide us with the IGN and World of the affected character? Please feel free to submit a ticket to our Support team as well. MapleStory Customer Support: https://support-maplestory.nexon.net/
  • Hello, Please let us know if your character is unable to proceed with Burning World Leap due to this Auction House error message after today's Minor Patch maintenance.
  • Kainu wrote: » -snip-. Please note that the Awake Coins on your Burning World character should be transferred along with your character when you World Leap.
  • Hi Maplers, Special thanks to everyone who submitted! We'll review all the submissions and cross check with the Legion Arena rankings data to make sure everyone meets the qualification. The reward is planned to be distributed in our upcoming v.22…
  • Hello! Thank you for the report. We are aware of the issue where players are unable to purchase items from the Awake shops after today reset. We've reported the issue and our team is currently investigating it. We've emphasized the urgency as th…
  • Hello, We plan to address this issue during our January 19 maintenance. Please check the maintenance post linked below for the information. https://maplestory.nexon.net/news/64681/update-jan-15-unscheduled-minor-patch-january-19-2021
  • We still do review these suggestions so please continue posting! Accurate name, previous cash shop links, and images are definitely helpful for reference. Note: Cash Shop sales are planned months ahead of time so even if your suggestion is under …
  • Players who wish to change their Forum Username can DM me with 2 of your new username options. This is so that if your first choice is already taken, we can go ahead and rename you with your 2nd choice.