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  • I know MS doesn't like party plays but...

    Penguinz0 wrote: »
    Dcing people for just trying to talk to people in your alliance is a bit too much, don't ya think lul
    10/10 on the maint patch, dev team (clap clap)
    hahahahahahahaha oh man we're never gonna get nice things in this game

    they took away alliance chat to make us voiceless :(
  • Who is the best mobber exept kanna

    WindAbagah wrote: »
    That is some deep talk there ryza ! Lol but anyway i am an old mapler i am on and off since 2003 so ... i just always come back to slash some mobs and that's why i was looking for mobbing ideas ! This is what i like, slashing monsters , mihile is fun for that aspect, the whole map disapear every 3 second , while wind archer ia fun for the fact teiffing just melts everything everywhere,that is my problem, i like every class for some reason and dont like them for other reasons....

    For the pathfinder info, i know about the dual attack on a hotkey, but that brings it back to one button to press alone ...

    By some extent aran was my main pre-BB but the combo system was not what it is now , it was much harder so i might try that again maybe , since you dont have to smash buttons as yoi had to...

    My aran pre BB was 12x and i had a 150 bishop , miss that skele plvl with genesis...

    Yeah bro there's a lot of characters and with the new legion system it's great for players or returning players to try all classes and make the decision after test and trial. Like you said there are aspects in everything to like and dislike and thats what maple is all about. finding the story that fits for you.

    I played kaiser for years but after hosting Ursus raids when it first came out and no one can beat it cause of how they organized the raids, I hosted server raids and organized it and used a bishop mule to do so. Was first to kill it in server and had fastest record before damage cap removal. Through the test and trail phrase, you will find and know what your class is.

    GL and have fun with the training :D
  • Who is the best mobber exept kanna

    WindAbagah wrote: »
    Yeah .. i liked mihile and was pretty decent on it, im just gonna increase my range i guess
    That's a good start lol I think mihile is pretty fun but remember what you like and what you invest in will always be better than the rest. Its all about mastery in what you like and I feel that's the way to pick a class.
    Aggraphine wrote: »
    Don't feel like you have to stick to one class just because you started with it. There's nothing wrong with finding something you like better than what you're currently playing.

    Contrary to what riza would like to preach, some classes simply can't compete with others when it comes to either mobbing or bossing. It isn't a failing on your part, it's just the difference in classes and their skill kits. For example, your mihile won't, can't, compare to my dual blade when it comes to bossing unless you were to throw a lot of money at it.

    To some extent, this statement can be true to most who aren't great veteran maplers like the great luscean. Every class has pros and cons and once you know them you work around your weaknesses. Holygirrafe showed most of the maple world that bishops can be op by making a battle bishop and doing what most say you cant do.

    WindAbagah the best advice riza can give you is to believe in yourself and never listen to people here literally. When you dream big and aim high theres nothing you can't do. I have done this as well with bishop as I defied logic in itself and game-wise. Mihile is what you make it just like other classes. If you check youtube you can see some dual blades who are insanely funded lose in a speed race against classes like bishop? cough* cough*

    Bro be revolutionary and all doors will open :D
  • Ban or "Hacking" notifications

    Tukers wrote: »
    Well, to put it simple, im done and afraid of getting banned for no reason. Im a 100% legit player but my client gets closed bc "im hacking" while leveling my mules or just grinding.
    I have never hacked and i think im not the only one recieving this notifications. Just now i got a note saying i was using an external program. Like seriously? I was listening some music through spotify while doing the afterlands on my illium. :(

    Im just afraid I get an unfair ban on my main since ive seen a lot of posts of people grinding at arcana or more and getting banned for nothing.

    Thanks for reading and forgive me for my bad english :)

    Yeah, I say play the game while on-screen record, if you get a ban, send it with a ticket problem solve if you're too scared.
    Fuhreak wrote: »
    I've gotten more of these than I care to count.
    I literally just got one yesterday. Just logged back in and continued to do whatever.
    If you live in fear then you'll just miss out. If you get banned, you at least got banned while playing the game.
    Sure, not playing means you can't get false banned, but it also means you can't play the game either.

    It should be important to note that an auto-DC isn't a ban. It most likely just flags a GM to monitor your account.
    As long as you aren't actually hacking, you'll most likely be fine. False bans are a small minority.
    They still do happen, but the chances of them happening to you are slim.
    Enjoy the game while you can, MapleStory, as an MMO, won't be around forever. Neither will you.

    Ban while playing the game? nope lmao :D can't do that they need to fix their systems before thanksgiving and holiday sales we are spending too much nx for this to happen.
  • Kanna is the worst. Is this class a farmbot dream?

    Jostabeere wrote: »
    Hello. I have issues doing quests sometimes and grind for mobs because of this one class. Very often maps are infested with 1-3 Kanna players with green clown hats on. Every around level 40. Why do they have an ability which teleports them forever and kills any enemies via portals or whatever it is.
    I am curious. Is this even legit gameplay?
    Should I report all these Kannas for farmbotting? Are those bots or are those legit players who just afk-farm? Is afk-farming even legal? Is a screenshot of their profile, which is mainly just random numbers or cyrillic letters enough to get them banned? Just confused and a bit mad when I have to farm 30 quest items and all 20 channels are infested by Kannas.

    ( Just delete this class? Yes? No? Maybe? I see why people complain their Kannas get banned. They probably abuse it.)

    I had seen a lot of Kanna players be accused of hacking one of my friend's friend, had been accused of hacking when the skills being used was done so regularly. Cause a lot of people to jump the gun and think Kanna is a hacking class when there are people who create programs that can turn any class to do or bot the same way.

    I had for years seen this and recommended and suggested that Nexon hire or get volunteer gms to walk the game screen record and manually ban people hacking. Could this be abused? Yeah as someone can ban someone they don't like but recording an issue and documenting kinda like security guards help with fairness.

    I think this is the only way to solve it and also can create a lot of jobs within the company and a very innovative way of using our new-age technology to help with cybersecurity. But as it stands now I don't think anyone is willing to go the extra edge to make this game great again and you just need to get used to the botting :(